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Not another 11th hour decision...

First it was Liaoning Guangyuan (logo as depicted above, from "Wiki"), now its replacement Dalian Shide Siwu's (logo as depicted below) place in the S.League is in a limbo.

Barely two years in a row, the league might, again, going to witness another change in the composition in the league which I felt is an unhealthy sign.

The lack of continuity, in my opinion, doesn't speak well for the league who is still struggling to pull in the fans to the grounds from the couch.

True to the fact that the two Chinese-based teams weren't been performing up to the expectation but to have Dalian being replaced in the eleventh hour still have people, especially the skeptics, asking,"How come so late?"

Would it be fair to Dalian's management and players who are eager to prove themselves this coming season?

It was mentioned in the papers that Brunei's DPMM (logo as depicted above, from "Wiki"), backed by the Brunei's crown prince, emerged as the forerunners should the league authority decided to kick Dalian out of the picture.

Apparently, DPMM, who used to play in the Malaysian League until the recent fiasco involving the Brunei FA, agreed to pay for the traveling expenses incurred by S.League clubs if they are to play them in their home games at Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of the oil-rich sultanate.

Still how long can this carrot be dangling?

One of the main reasons why Singapore's only professional basketball team - the Singapore Slingers (logo as depicted above, from "Wiki") decided to pull out from the Australian NBL is because of the costly traveling expenses.

While we believe DPMM have deep pockets because of the royal backing but the hassle of flying here and there will soon be taking toil on anyone involved, on top of the pending issues such as the manpower and logistical arrangement.

Like what if the scheduled flight to Brunei is re-scheduled due to unforeseen circumstances? Would the fixture will rearranged and how would it going to affect some teams who having players that are students or part-timers?

Decision like this shall not be make abruptly and I'm sure the decision-makers have weighted the pros and cons of it, as we are heading towards the 14th season on 16th February.

Back to replacement again, if the league authority decided a change is necessary would one of those "exiled" clubs (Sembawang Rangers, Jurong, Tajong Pagar United etc.) be a better option? If they are ready to back to the foray.


  1. Hi Pohui,

    I have read that recent post you have made. My heart can't help but feel that maybe DPMM's idea is a good one. I mean, they have just been out of the M-League due to whatever reasons. But I see that their interest for playing in the S-League is really very... err serious I should say? Which club would have so much passion in this league that even in terms of travelling expenses and all, fork out the bills? I'm not sure if they give that offer in the M-League too but... Who are we to stand in their decision since they are that interested? But one thing's for sure, if they do yet another Liaoning Guangyuan, we have to get them off too anyway. As for the distance, to me I feel that's the only issue, but look at the brighter side.

    What can they do in Brunei, one of the richest countries in the world? Firstly they can understand the culture there, try out their food, get deluxe accomodation fully funded by the BFA. At the same time, we can also study their culture based on football! It's just like Super Reds just that we travel there instead. We go out there, not only in time we will adapt to their style of play, we can also adapt to other things like say the weather, their supporters, lots more!

    It will be better if our National players especially, do have that kind of experience! Playing inside a 20 000-seater stadium in a domestic match. I mean, how would the players feel? If you ask me, that is going to be a special feeling for them. We Singporeans should be a bit more flexible, we are tired of having to play in stadium with the capacity of 4 digits. We are given this chance to ply our domestic games in a 5 digit-seater stadium. Why miss it? In 2012, the AFC are going to have stringent criteria in terms of capacity of the stadiums. If they (DPMM) are going to be part of our league, who knows? We can use their luxurious stadium as an alternative and it also have 20 000 seats! Their crazy fans also have a part in incresing the average attendance of our weekly games! Cuz the average amount of fans needed for a National Association's club to make it to the AFC Champions League is 5000 come 2012 looking at the criteria. DPMM can play a huge role in developing our football.

    As for students playing in the S-League, this might just be some experience and learning journey outside the classroom. One they will treasure in their hearts and minds for a long time to come.

    As for the foreign teams in the league, I feel that they would surely love the experience since they already love plying their trade overseas (e.g. Singapore). So obviously 2 is better than 1 and they would enjoy the type of football more than we Singaporeans would.

    In conclusion, I just feel that passion is what truly gives me the first impression of the team. What DPMM did is certainly what I call a passionate team. I do feel that they coming to Singapore using our alternative stadiums would be good but hey, if there's no chickens, ducks will do. Look on the bright side, look at the benefits we can get if our players have to visit Brunei for a match, you don't get to play in Brunei that often anyway, just once or twice probably, treasure it...

    Daniel, 15, Fan of Local Football.

  2. i will love to have sembawang rangers back....

  3. Having local players come back might not be so good, given that we don't exactly have THAT many quality local players to go around.

    Even with the teams that are in the top tier now, the talent is perhaps running a little bare. There is already a big gulf between the big teams who chope all the national players, and the smaller teams who make do with the rest.

    Having another Jurong/Sembawang would allow more local players to ply their trade, but it might not make for very good competition.

  4. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the feedback on this entry.

    It's not that I object to the inclusion of DPMM, if the "go-ahead" is given but I'm more concern abt the issues I highlighted in the entry and wonder if any "backup" plan is in place if any "screw-up" incident take place?

    No doubt, DPMM is an established club with strong backing, however, I also concern about the hastiness of the whole application to join the S.League in this short space of time.

    Who knows DLN may do wonders like Super Reds did last year?

    Also the inclusion of DPMM may not seems as simple as it is, since they were being excluded from the M-League recently because of those factors not beyond their control.

  5. I agreed with pohui.
    As much as the prospect looks exciting. and it definitely could help S-League to expand in a BIG way!
    imagine if it suceed, the potential of having other club from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam joining S-League ?
    This could potentially make S-League bigger than Malaysia League and Cup in the 90s!
    But perhaps the time is just too short to include them into the league. As much as they offer to pay for the travel expenses. All teams will now need to take in consideration of the extra schedule required for travelling.
    To include DPMM at the expense of Dalian will not be fair to the latter.
    Beside, are they in for the long term ?
    Will they keep paying for the travel expenses next season ? If not, can the clubs afford it in future ?
    All these have to be taken into consideration.
    While I think it might work, but perhaps not this season.
    But if FAS would like to take the risk, it's a risk worth taking.
    You'll never know until you try..

  6. If DPMM to join S-league, it may generate more revenue to the S-League, if they were to be played in their home stadium in Brunei. There's bound to have logistic issue if this were to be implemented. However on the bright side, Singapore and Brunei, share the same currency, which is likely to be plus in the revenue, and as a Muslim state, the ... Read Moreplayers will have halal food while they stay for the "away" fixture.

    I rather give DPMM a go in the S-league than the china based teams. Just see Sinchi, Liaoning and now Dalian. what did they contribute? At least Albirex has a professional setup and plans to bridge between the communities. DPMM may have the option, to buy our local players if they want. :P

    (P.S: This comment was originally posted on Facebook and reproduced with the permission of the feedback provider, thanks)

  7. if DPMMFC plays S-League this season, i dont think they will leave for another league next season and so-forth.

    i hope we are given a chance to join ur league and make it bigger than Malaysia's. and a chance to meet u, pohui haha

  8. Hi "Raina"..

    Nice to have ur view here.. we shall know whether DPMM's inclusion will turn reality in days to come.

    Although, I felt whichever club (be it local or foreign) want to join S.League, this club shall be given ample time to prepare themselves for it.

    Such hastiness isn't fair to all but hope to see you too..

  9. Interesting discussion. Let me add some background to the club, but posting my own blog, dated from Summer 2007

    To my mind, the addition of DPMM would be good for Singaporean football, but it would only make sense if they played their games in Brunei. The fact that they can expect 10 times the average S-League crowd will add greatly to the profile of the league. If DPMM entered, but playing in Singapore, they would just be another club, such as Albirex or Super Reds

  10. hi "leohoenig"..

    Having read your comment makes me wonder if DPMM would find themselves in the same situation just like when Singapore was in the M-League years back?

    Thanks for your link and input, very interesting travel experience you had :)

  11. DPMM FC announce they are in S-League this season.

    but no confirmation from S-League yet.

  12. Hi "Anonymous" (of 9th Feb)..

    First of all, there's nothing I have against DPMM but IMO making such proclamation before any official announcement sounded u-know-what-i-trying-to-say.


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