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Just mainly pictures from DPMM-TTM 1st leg QF...

(P.S1: Just mainly pictures, with the main text being those " tweets " I posted by mobile earlier and also to try out some photo-taking using some new methods which I'm still working on it.) be visit an old fren at JBS later which I hope can materialize,work been piling up & already snapped, can't keep my cool? or hit roof liao? Been hanging since their League Cup win months ago... Former Balestier and Sengkang striker Paul Bekombo fulfilled his promise by scoring two goals. A close-up shot of DPMM defending a TTM corner. With his follow African Aly Camara, Bekombo terrorized the Bruneians' defence. Bekombo missed his chance in this one-on-one. So here's the "old fren" I referring to as he made his way to the dressing room, not before having greeted his admirers. TTM definitely d better side with their much composed play as compared to DPMM's robust style, 1-0 to d Thai side at HT TTM's coach Prajak Weangsong and Aly Camara at the post-

How woeful are the Young Lions?

Coach Terry Pathmanathan (first from left) demands improvement from his Young Lions. While much of the focus has been centered on their seniors - the Lions, the current form of this team that are going to be the core of this year's SEA Games football squad is also a major cause of concern. Until this day, the performance of the Young Lions is far from satisfactory. Been gathering negative feedback on this team since I last saw them play in their loss against Albirex Niigata weeks ago. "They can't keep the possession after three passes!" said one. "These boys are being complacent, just because they think they're the YOUNG LIONS," said another, implying that being part of this team guarantees a spot in coach Raddy's squad for the year end's sporting fiesta. "We can't expect much from these boys as they're still not up to the mark yet." said coach Terry Pathmanathan after their goal-less draw against Woodlands Wellington. "The

Guest Opinion - Refereeing Woes : What Rugby can teach its cousin a thing or two on how to resolve it...

(P.S: This entry will kick start a new column in this blog with readers are welcome to submit their article on various issues pertaining to local football scene as "guest columnist") Mr Paul Kung, someone who has been very active in the rugby community as a player, coach and administrator shares his thoughts with us, from the rugby perspective, after he read some of the recent blog entries regarding the man-in-the-middle. I have read that there is some debate in football about how much 'power' the Assistant referees have. I know that in the BPL and other professional leagues they are all miked up with communications equipment - "walkie talkies" so that all three referees can speak to each other and flag up any infractions. The model most commonly used here is T5500 (above) and is fairly inexpensive - about $150 for a set if I remember correctly. They are powered by normal batteries as well. As far as I know, this radio and throat vibration set (above

Club merchandise (Oz experience)

(Picture) Clay figurines of several top NRL players on display During my recent Down Under trip, I got an opportunity to see how thriving the industry of club merchandise is.  "This is colourful!" I said to the store owner behind the counter, having been overwhelmed by the colours and designs of those clubs' jerseys, balls, etc. displayed inside this shop named "Fan Central - Football Jersey" specialized in such merchandise.  "It's not too good or not too bad." said the boss who is from Sydney when asked how well is this industry doing at this moment.   (Picture) A family of St. George Illawarra Dragons supporters travelled to Gold Coast to catch their team in action against the local side Titans in an NRL clash. He went on to reveal that it's the strong support towards their local sports teams that it's a common sight to see folks around Australia wearing the shirts, apparel of their local sports teams, particularly those of the AFL (A

National Day Challenge 09: Singapore 1-1 China (China beat Singapore on penalties)

Before the KICK-OFF Spoke to some of the crowds at the stadium before the kick-off. "I first came to know this game from a China-based website and after verifying it with local sources, I gathered some of my classmates here to watch the game," said 19-year-old Hu Qiang, a NUS student who was at the match with some of his classmates (above). "It was from the advertisement and internet I came to know this match," said Liu, a private school student who has been in Singapore since last year (above). "I think it would be approximately 10, 15,000 for tonight's match, as it's a weekday with fans might have difficulties coming down" commented local soccer fan Haslan, who attended the match with his friend (above). Some pictures before the kick-off Wonder if any of these folks got the ultimate prize? This guy (above) was instrumental in drumming up the fans' support for China before and during the match (Perhaps some local clubs would like to engage him

Behind the scene - Prep for the China showdown

(Picture) Coach Raddy (with cap) put his players through the pace. Good thing was I managed to make it to the national team training session at Geylang Field after work, when initially I thought some stupid accidents along the PIE would derail my plan to catch the session. (Picture) Fahrudin Mustafic doing some stretching on the sideline. (Picture) The Lions taking a breather. The team were going through some passing practices in the pitch, with both Gombak United's Agu Casmir and Sevki Sha'ban doing some light jogging on the sideline (as the duo were featured on last match's Gombak-Super Reds clash) when I reached the ground with team manager Eugene Loo and ST's reporter Wang Meng Meng watching from far. (Picture) Baihaikki Khaizan and Isa Halim in passing practice. Evergreen striker Aleksandar Duric cordially said "Hi" to me as the team were having their break between the drills. (Picture) Noh Alam Shah (foreground) just recovered from fever but not so luck