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The new Singapore Cup trophy

This is probably the most handsome-looking trophy to date in the Singapore sports scene, agreed? Aware that the trophy is still available for public viewing at its Cecil Street branch, I decided to head down to the RHB Bank (Cecil Street branch) office to snap a picture of it. Here was the first attempt, outside the branch office. The Singapore Cup Trophy in display  Unfortunately, the reflection ruined the quality of the picture. So left with no alternative, I decided to seek permission from the bank to snap the new trophy from a much clearer angle. Luckily, the bank had no objection to my request.   Last but not least, many thanks to the staff at RHB Bank Berhad (Cecil Street Branch) for making this photo session possible.

We are heading to Doha!!!

Finally, the local football fans can breathe a sign of relief as their effort had paid off with the announcement made this afternoon that SNOC decided to revert their earlier decision to include the football team to the upcoming Asian Games in Doha. Hurray!!, as it's not about winning medals but the rare chance to pip against the best of the lot of Asian football. Go Lions Go, believe in yourself and can make us proud!!!

Videocast: Central Derby dated 25th July 2006

Was at Toa Payoh stadium just now for the Central derby match between Balestier Khalsa and Home Utd, which the former won three goals to one. But what really made the whole night so interesting was the "live commentary" by this "uncle" here, whom I dubbed the "Angry football uncle of Singapre" , who single-handledly spiced up his audience with his fiery commentary and animated body gesture (below). Also included a short clip of the match here (below).. enjoy :) Both clips shot using my newly bought "Ranger" DV cam

Wild Wild West...

Looks like the league authority has not give up hope in planting a bastion in the "wild, wild west" of Jurong West. The failure of Sinchi FC in Jurong to gain a foothold in this area, despite those "wonderful" promises by the Chillins, would have made one sceptic if S.League football would ever established itself here. Was at the new Jurong West stadium for some sort of sight-seeing, further have me pondering if the whole idea going to work? Known for it's low population (heresay) and with limited bus services to this area, the key question is: How is Gombak United, the future tenants going to draw the support from this area? From the students reside at NTU? We certainly hope extra effort will be there and hope the same thing don't happen again.

We deserve a better bite, eh!!

It seems that most of the times, we are left with very limited choice but endured ourselves to the sometimes tasteless, bland food available at the grounds. Just to name a few of these "staples" · Mee Goreng · Mee Siam (dry version) · Hotdog rolls · Spring Rolls (popiah) · Gigantic samosa with potato fillings · and etc. Nothing wrong with these foods sold at the ground, the only complaint was that, most of the times, they were made ready available in those microwave oven box or served inside those disposable plastic bags. (Like this box of mee goreng, you see on the left) Which is why sometimes l do admire those fans at the sporting arena in the States, where the hotdogs rolls and other snacks are cooked right on the spot and serve once ready unlike the bland and often tasteless "makan" we have over here. We can't blame these vendors for not able to cook and serve right on the spot, probably because of the stringent hyg

Kena rejected again, for what??

Just because of the lousy outcome of the Manila SEA Games, does that mean we are once again being denied a chance to involve in the Asian Games?? C'mon, drop this kind of mindset, with due respect to other sports, does they qualified to go Doha?? It's time to drop some of those under-performing sports to give it to those who truly deserved it.. When can we really complete against the best of the continent when such an golden opportunity is not given?? SNOC, we would like to know why? Thank you very much...

Lousy lousy lousy...

Think back, l should not have pay that $15 to the provider. (would it be a better choice to squeeze at Braddell Mac to catch it for free??) After all, it was something not worth the money paid. Like al lot of people, I still believe that no extra cent should be incurred to see the game we love. To make thing worse, the "side dishes" that were to compliment the "main dish" were plain and dull (where are the pre-match analysis and those post-match reviews by any panel of experts, the last time we seen that done was by Les Murray and the late Johnny Warren). No doubt about it, a lot of fans had criticized the "not-up-to-grade" coverage by the provider. Just take an example, on a few occasions a non-English speaking coach was being interviewed after the macth, hell would we know what is he talking about when there's not translation or whatsoever. Given this half-hearted coverage l guess, once again we are being called the laughing stock of the region for

We are not attracting the right crowd yet?

Let's just face the stark fact and that is "We are not attracting the right crowd".. Sad isn't it.. 10 years into the league establishment, the S.Leage has yet to penetrate into the hearts of the common folks other than the punters. Before the legalized betting, gambling of the matches were always done at the terrance, on ad-hoc basis, where a spur of moment , kakis and strangers alike would place their bets and collected and distrbuted the earnings after the game. So much so that, ask any of these "fans" to name a few players on the field, you are likely given this answer "err, dunno, that small/tall/short guy wearing red/blue/green or whatsoever colour" Was at the game between Balestier and Sengkang just now, after Sengkang had let in their sixth goal of the night, a guy behind me commented, "That tall guy (Steven Macdonald) cannot make it lah!!" Thought he is one of those "rare breed", until he mentioned the odds given by th