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I always look forward to any opportunity to work with any interested individual or organization to enhance and enrich the content of this blog in an effort to generate more awareness of Singapore football.

To this date, this blog has seen such collaborations taken place with several renowned PR agencies (i.e.: Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, SPRG Singapore, Integrated Marketing Solutions Group [IMSG]) in promoting some events of their clients, such as Nike, Puma, Tiger Beer, etc.

Such collaborations with these agencies had helped to boost the profile of this blog and bear as a testament to its standing alongside those in the mainstream media.

If any of such organizations are keen to explore the possibility of any form of collaboration, you may wish to contact me via the following mode:

EMAIL to ME at ""

I wish to state that I am not a licensed agent or do not have any form of collaboration with any licensed agent, so please refrain from sending me any correspondence pertaining to matters such as job opportunities, arrangement of trials, etc.

Looking forward to any form of collaboration...

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