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[Telegram Chat] - AFTER A NIGHTMARE

I hope everyone already woke up from a bad nightmare for what it was never meant to be in the first place. It was a bitter pill to swallow to see some of our neighbours (see links below under RELATED NEWS at the foot) qualified for the Asian Cup, while we could only lick our wounds and keep thinking about what went wrong. The emotion of Shah Shahiran (20) sums it up Many things were said about the preparation, process, etc. leading to the trip to the Kyrgyz Republic for the qualifiers of the continent's most prestigious tournament (i.e.: the late appointment of Takayuki Nishigaya as the national team coach , short preparation period , etc.) And when things did not go according to the script, it inevitably triggered an outcry, as seen on the platform's Facebook page lately. MOVING FORWARD It does not help the situation anymore if we keep harping on those hotly debated issues when we should be looking forward after the post-mortem period. When Coach Nishigaya insisted the Lions

Grooming The Safe Hands is Now Rizal's Role ...

Rizal is now part of Tanjong Pagar United's coaching panel Rizal Rahman is the reason why I decided to take up football photography. I still remember that day we met for the first time face to face at a fast food outlet near the National Stadium when he asked if I have pictures from his playing days. Which, unfortunately, I had none as I had yet to start taking match photos back then and I could sense the disappointment which I thought was probably a good time to venture into something that was alien to me. The following repurposed content is the feature on the former Balestier Khalsa goalkeeper which was first published on 23rd April 2009 in a Q&A format. Additional details were added to this blog post recently to give an update on the ex-national youth goalkeeper. FROM THE VOID DECKS Like many Singapore boys, Rizal started playing football in void decks of HDB (Housing Development Board) residential blocks. As the primary school where he studied did not have a football team,