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[Feature] The man in the middle...

You know being the referee and linesman is always the unappreciative job in football, as through the snaps of below, we came to realize it's a tough assignment indeed. LEADING THE PLAYERS OUT... The day in office begins when the men in the middle lead his fellow officials and the teams out from the tunnel to the field. THE CUSTOMARY PLEASANTRIES ... Next of course is to ensure both teams having the pre-match pleasantries (hand-shaking) with each individual player before the kick-off COIN-TOSS ... The coin tossing is the important part of the game (of course) to decide who will be kick off the match and also remind the both skippers the importance of fair play and stick to the rules. CONSTANT REMINDER ... It's importance to communicate constantly to the players throughout the 90 minutes to keep the players within the boundary. STAY FIRM AND CALM ... At times, players may have some issues and grievances but the referee's stand must be calm and focused. AS FOURTH OFFICIAL ...

[Feature] Hanafi joins the rank of C Ron and ready to shine in the Lion City Cup

(This entry is formulated based on and partly extracted from the press release issued by and pictures credited to Integrated Marketing Solutions Group [IMSG] - the PR agency for Nike Singapore ) With the 23rd Lion City Cup scheduled to kick off in less than a month away, it's not doubt that again that Hanafi Akbar (pictured below) and the rest of the National U-16 team will be carrying the hope of the country to repeat that kind of performance that captured the heart of the nation last August. In a timely boast that came before the Little Cubs who are due to face the likes of their peers from the renowned clubs such as Juventus, Flamengo in June, the national team apparel sponsors Nike had named the 16 year-old, alongside with skipper Jeffrey Lightfoot and midfielder Ammirul Emmran, as one of their brand ambassadors in Singapore. “I’ve never dreamt of getting this sponsorship. When I first found out about it, I was shocked, speechless and delighted. Nike first called my da

[BREAKING NEWS] Hassan out due to ACL!!

Got this shocking piece of news from the tweet timeline of my fellow blogger "LigaSingapura". The depicted graphic is self-explanatory. Please stay tuned for more update from LigaSingapura . May Hassan get well soon...

[Instant Reaction] The announcement of the National Provisional Squad [EDITED]

(Many thanks to a friend who Whatsapp the attached images that depicted the national provisional squad.) The much awaited national provisional squad list was made know just a hour ago at the Jalan Besar Stadium (as pictured below). (Pictured above) The "senior" 23 players of the provisional squad. (Pictured above) These 10 players are classified as "NS" group which coach Raddy can select them, but subject to NS rulings. As what I told a friend days ago that I hope that disappointment years ago when the "dazzler" V Sundramoorthy was not selected by the then national coach Vincent Subramaniam, despite the call of him to do so would not resurface this time round. But much to the disappointment it was sad to note that Tampines Rovers ace Ahmad Latiff Khamarudin (pictured above) did not make the cut despite his stellar performance in the recent years after last featured in the red jersey in 2005. Plenty of surprises that came along the way when Tanjong Pagar Un

[Media Information] Investigations on the way, Disciplinary Hearing set for 3 June

(Media Information from the Football Association of Singapore ) SINGAPORE, 24 May 2011: We would like to inform you that all Great Eastern Yeo’s S.League matches involving Hougang United FC and Etoile FC will be suspended till the conclusion of a disciplinary hearing, with regards to the match abandonment on Monday, 23 May 2011. FAS President Mr Zainudin Nordin said: “We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to violent conduct both on and off the pitch. FAS has started investigations and will pursue the matter thoroughly. Any players and officials found guilty of misconduct will be severely dealt with.” We have written to both clubs involved in the incident to submit their reports and a disciplinary hearing has been scheduled for Friday, 3 June 2011. Details of suspended matches Match No Match Venue Date 91 Etoile FC vs Albirex Niigata FC (S) Queenstown 26-05-11 93 Courts Young Lions vs Hougang United FC Jalan Besar 28-05-11 115 Singapore Armed Forces FC vs Hougang United FC Choa

Kinda dead silence of late... (not really)

It's not quite actually for the past few days, rather I think everyone, just like me, is concerned about the yet-to-be-released "list of 30 or 32" national provisional squad by coach Raddy (pictured below).  I'm not sure where the sources were gathered from, but here was where I got my (pictured below from "Team Singapore" FB page) which was supposed to be made known by yesterday, while another claim the papers were talking about it.   However, I got in touch with FAS and they replied it wasn't the case, but did mention it could be "anytime soon". Nonetheless, the excitement generated by this to-be-announced list just got everyone pumped up, and have we not heard. read anyone voiced his/her two cents worth of opinions on this issue? Below is a list of notable few which I managed to source around regarding the pending announcement. Singapore National Team's New 30 Selecting national team - Working relationship and team before self The dec

Singapore Cup continues to pepper with strong regional flavour [EDITED]

(This entry is formulated with extracts from the press release issued by the Football Association of Singapore ) (Pictured above) The result of the draw Defending champions Bangkok Glass confirmed the earlier quibbles of not coming back to defend the RHB Singapore Cup they won last year, while last season's runners-up Tampines Rovers will face Geylang United in a "eastern derby" showdown. Long time invitee - Cambodian powerhouse Phnom Penh Crown, being coached by former Balestier & Jurong import Bojan Hodak, will be facing four-time winners SAFFC in this year's campaign. Burma's Okkthar Utd will be led by former Singapore national coach PN Sivaji, as he returns to Singapore to take on another first-time participant Pattaya United of Thailand. Playing the tournament for the second consecutive time will be VPL side, South Melbourne (pictured above) from Australia with Albirex Niigata(S) standing their way in their quest to improve their showing. With Courts You


Prior to this afternoon's draw to decide this year's RHB Singapore Cup fixtures, there were all sorts of confirmed unofficial information (as those weren't issued by the FAS) circulating around, pertaining who were the foreign sides being invited and who decided not to come. As far as we are concern before the draw, the only confirmed official information was the decision by Courts Young Lions not to take part in this year's tournament due to conflicting schedules and fixtures, as mentioned on their website. Other than that, I gathered from social media platforms that defending champions Bangkok Glass (pictured below - last year after their win at JBS) would not return to defend their title because of their priority to concentrate on their domestic campaign. However, the main point of the entry is given the sizable foreign presence in local premier Cup tournament, is it still appropriate to call the "SINGAPORE CUP"? All the while, the organizers have maintai

This is NOT the way to win Elections

With the ongoing election campaigning, it's inevitable to see some fault findings taking place between contesting parties But as far as i concern, football and politics should never mixed (even though, we have had several political office holders helm the top post of local game governing body). Which it why when I saw the tweet (pictured above) that quoted a candidate's remark that I thought it was something uncalled for. With much due respect to the quoted candidate, I regret the fact that the aborted "GOAL 2010" blueprint that projected to see Singapore in last year's World Cup was used as a "easy target board" to question certain government policies. I'm not sure how and what had the quoted candidate contributed throughout the cause of the aborted project, but merely making use of football for political gains is something uncalled for. Stop ballyhooing for votes using the game and leave football alone, thank you.

Restore to normalcy

(The entry is formulated from the media Information from the Football Association of Singapore ) Following is the revised fixture list for the upcoming S.League following the conclusion of the general election. Day Date Home Team Away Team Venue Re-Location / Remark Mon 9-May Courts Young Lions Geylang United FC Jalan Besar Jalan Besar (Reverse Fixture - 10 Aug 2011 played at Bedok Stadium) Tue 10-May Albirex Niigata FC (S) Woodlands Wellington FC Jurong East Jalan Besar Wed 11-May Tanjong Pagar United FC Singapore Armed Forces FC Clementi Jalan Besar Thu 12-May Gombak United FC Home United FC Jurong West Jalan Besar Fri 13-May Balestier Khalsa FC Etoile FC Jalan Besar No Changes Sat 14-May Courts Young Lions Woodlands Wellington FC Jalan Besar No Changes Sun 15-May Tampi

The move is necessary...

Few hours ago, I posted a message on "twitter" , my FACEBOOK wall and the blog's FB wall that read "Major announcement to be made pertaining some restructuring of "" setup, stay tuned" It's not this blog is searching for a new writer as suggested by a friend, nor it was closing down or being bought over by someone (wish it was the case though). Rather, it is more of some changes that are going to be implemented which I think are deemed necessary to ensure this blog to be more accessible to more visitors. THE ANNOUNCEMENT... As on this day-4th May 2011 (Singapore time), the blog FACEBOOK GROUP (hereby call the "GROUP") will cease and migrate its entire operating to a FACEBOOK PAGE ("PAGE") format (pictured below). The main reason for such migration to be taken place is after exhausted its mean to remedy the problem that denied some users (included yours truly) to access the GROUP via their mobile gadget (ie: iPhone)