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ASL - Duplicate Redundancy

Things aren't actually set in the groove for former Central Singapore District mayor Zainudin Nordin in his attempts to push start his ambitious Asean Super League (ASL) project despite there was  speculation that an "announcement" was supposed to be made last month. Zainudin Nordin (extremely right, file picture) With the latest developments in the region, it cast further skepticism if the pet project of the one-time Member of Parliament for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC (Group Representation Constituency) would ever take off. After all, approval from Asian Football Confederation (AFC), the continent's governing body, is mandatory before the ASL can be launched under the condition that the latter is able to fit itself under the competition structure of the former. KEY AMENDMENTS Key amendments to both AFC Cup, the continent's second-tier club competition, and the AFF Championship aka AFF Suzuki Cup, which is soon-to-be-announced , are seen by many

Last Ditch To Salvage A Legacy?

Lim Chin is thinking of a way to "fit S.League into the ASL system". Even though many are skeptical, they still see it as an opportunity to place the ailing S.League as the priority again after Lions XII's acrimonious exit from the Malaysian league. Unfortunately, it will not be the case when the top man of the league, himself, declared: "If we agree that the ASL (Asean Super League) will be a good platform for us to build a strong national team, then we should all work together to achieve that... We have to find a creative way to transform the S.League into a system to fit into the ASL model," The presser of the recent FAS AGM (credit: FAS) Those words by S.League's CEO Lim Chin at the recently concluded FAS (Football Association of Singapore) AGM shattered those who harboured hopes to see the country's only professional sports league be given the attention it badly needed to unplug itself from life support. But with the game's local

ASL as a National Team League Competition, instead?

National Stadium is one of ASL's venues? ”This, I hope will be a spill over to Our S.League. Rather than taking away another 25 players, technical and medical team from the league.” said a friend, in a text conversation, to me not that long ago. The "spill over" he referred was not the one the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) projected in the first place from the Lions XlI's participation in the Malaysian Super League (MSL) to the S.League . Rather, this friend, who is an official of a S.League club, suggested to have the proposed Asean Super League (ASL) to be participated by national teams instead of the suggested franchise basis . "Eight to ten countries, rather than franchise teams, will attract capacity crowds rather than re-create another following." argued this friend of mine on the downside of filling up teams in ASL with zero background. Hong Kong (white) vs Singapore - a common fixture He added:"FAs are finding it toug