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What Those IG Story Polls Tell Me About The Untapped Potential of Local Club Merchandise

I did a number of IG Story polls not that long ago to gauge the sentiment among the local football supporters by starting off with this question - Would you buy any official local football merchandise? It was an overwhelming 92% said "YES" that they are willing to fork out from their wallets to pay for any official merchandise offered by the local clubs. This is the outcome of the first poll of the series  REPLICA JERSEY - THE MOST DESIRABLE MERCHANDISE Another poll was followed up to ask which type of official merchandise is the most desirable item from a list that comprised (1) "Official replica jersey", (2) "T-Shirt (with club logo, mascot, players), (3) "Caps, scarves, mini flags" and (4) "Pins, Badges, Keychain, Cup, Mugs" Apparently, replica team jersey is the most desirable merchandise should any fan decide to buy one product from our local clubs. Later on, I posted a pragmatic question - how much you are willing to pay for one offici

Tigers Heading Back To Toa Payoh For A Short While ...

Following up on the update by this platform weeks ago that reported Balestier Khalsa will play their 2021 Singapore Premier League (SGPL) home fixtures at the Toa Payoh Stadium after the field at Bishan Stadium, where the Tigers ground share with Lion City Sailors (previously known as Home United) since 2019, is closed for returfing. Toa Payoh Stadium (file picture) Works, apparently, are underway to see the field at the Toa Payoh Stadium getting ready for the upcoming SGPL season which is speculated to kick off at the end of February. In a social media post seen by this platform, officials from the Football Association of Singapore, Sport SG, etc. came together to ensure the natural grass surface of the Toa Payoh Stadium meets the requirements of the only professional sporting competition of the republic. NOT A PERPETUAL MOVE BACK HOME FOR TIGERS However, it is understood that Balestier's shifting back to the aged arena at Toa Payoh Lorong Six is not a perpetual one, even though