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Near dead Silence (Last post for year 2005) After the uproar caused by the SEA Games squad's failure to achieve something out of nothing, the local scene seems quiet lately. Except for some active discussions going on at some online local football based forums, it's relatively quiet . Osagie Ederaro had left Singapore after an impressive showing with Balestier, with words of that the negotiation for an extension had broke down between the two parties. Another Nigerian Greg Nwokolo will be headed south to ply his trade in the Indonesian league. With the news of both Ahmad Latiff and national team skipper Aide lskandar joined Johor, are probably the notable transfer news so far (and l was told the duo fitted in nicely) Maybe that's an Asian mindset or whatsoever, local fans don't really know who is going to feature in their teams until the season is about to kick off. Unlike the European clubs who always made known to the media who they are targeting at. Most of the off s


(the logo on the left commemorated the 9th anniversary of BoLASEPaKO) I made a decision months ago to convert this website into a blog. It came at a time when the blogging community is under intense surveillance from all corners, following some high-profile cases involving some bloggers over the sensitive remarks posted by them online. Nonetheless, always strive to do something constructive without getting myself into those unnecessary hassles, especially on the legal side of things. The reasons for having BoLASEPaKO convert into a blog are mainly because of the following. Better archiving of what l had said and commented (sometimes, have to crack my brain just to recall what l said) Cut down the time and hassle of uploading, and adjusting the layout of the site (with the Blogger, it has made things easy) So would like to shift the focus of the site rather for its layout and graphics to more on its contents. "HI" THEN "LO" In short, the year 2005 started with a ban

Itimi and Agu In a Limbo?

(Picture taken early this year, with Itimi facing the camera after the Lions final training session prior the Tiger Cup Final) These two guys been under intense scrutiny, following their far from satisfactory performance in the recently concluded SEA Games. Now following their release from the Young Lions, both Agu Casmir and Itimi Dickson will be wasting no time to seek a new employing club. Unfortunately, their current form and high wages have been the stumbling blocks. Which is why this blogger would like to ask, what if both of them can't secure a new contract, is there any aid for these naturalized citizens should they remained out of job? After all, being paid to kick the ball is probably the only thing they can do to earn a living and also being a full time sportsman, there are always risks like nagging injuries that could shorten one's career. Which is way this blogger is kind of worry, what if Agu remains an injury prone player and (touch wood!) being forced to end hi

Heading Down Under

While we have this on going talks of having our players ply their trade in the foreign leagues. National skipper Aide Iskandar ( pictured on the left with the blogger ) will be heading to nearby Johor to join the Southern state in their quest to rejoin M-league elite. Though not as shocking as what Hasnim Haron did in the early 90's since Aide is at the sunset zone of his career. But what triggered a bigger shocker is when news were made known when prime time players likes of Indra Sahdan Daud, Agu Casmir were being targeted by other Malaysian clubs as well. Thankfully though Indra committed himself to another long term deal with Home Utd. As some commentaries pointed out it's never a wise move to play in the league across the causeway since there's a decline in playing standard and attendance (except for the Malaysia Cup final, which is still enjoying a healthy figure as told by a Malaccan who claimed the atmosphere being "havoc"). It came at a time when everybod