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[MEDIA RELEASE] Young Lions and Beijing Guoan players allowed to train following FAS Appeals Committee hearing

(Media Information from the Football Association of Singapore )   SINGAPORE, 25 October 2010: Young Lions’ Fairoz Hasan, Gabriel Quak, Khairul Nizam, Madhu Mohana and Beijing Guoan Talent’s Meng Yang, Su Boyang, Zhang Ye have had their appeals allowed by the FAS Appeals Committee (AC) regarding their suspension from ‘all football related activities’.  The players will now be allowed to continue training with their respective clubs during the period of suspension. The fines and the period of suspension imposed on each of the players remain and the players will not be permitted to participate in any competitive football matches as well as football competitions in all its forms at the national, club and grassroots level.  The seven players were charged with bringing the Great Eastern – YEO’S S.League match between Young Lions and Beijing Guoan Talent into disrepute for their conduct and participation in the mass brawl on 7 September 2010.  The players had pleaded guilty to the charges mad

[MEDIA RELEASE] FAS Disciplinary Committee Verdict on Young Lions and Beijing Guoan Talent match

(Media Information by Football Association of Singapore )   SINGAPORE, 22 September: The FAS Disciplinary Committee arrived at their verdict today with regards to the charges of gross misconduct laid on Young Lions and Beijing Guoan Talent during their Great Eastern YEO’S S.League match on 07 September 2010 at the Jalan Besar Stadium.  Both clubs have been docked five points and fined $5,000 each. The FAS Disciplinary Committee has also concluded that the match will not be replayed and the result will stand.  Six players from the Young Lions have been charged for gross misconduct which brought the game into disrepute.  Madhu Mohana has been suspended from playing or participating in all football related activities for 4 months and fined S$1,000.  Gabriel Quak Jun Yi has been suspended from playing or participating in all football related activities for 4 months and fined S$1,000.  Khairul Nizam has been suspended from playing or participating in all football related activities for 8 mo

Update on Discplinary Committee (DC) hearing

Mr K Balachandra (pictured above) talks to the media after the hearing outside Jalan Besar Stadium . It was a long, lengthy wait as expected, as the main media outlets and the concerned parties descended at the Jalan Besar Stadium for the Disciplinary Committee (DC) hearing for the mass-brawl that took place between Young Lions and Beijing Guoan Talents on the 7th September.   The DC panel is an independent body separated from the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) and they are formed by a group of lawyers who presided over the hearing.  After five hours of hearing, the chairman of the DC, Mr K Balachandra emerged and revealed that a total of 16 players from both sides are being charged (ten from Beijing, six from Young Lions).  Mr Balachandra added the hearing will be continued at 6.30pm later of the day (22nd of September), with verdict likely to be issued following the session.

Luncheon at "Carousel" with Young Lions and Beijing Guoan Talent

The Luncheon at "Carousel" Representatives from Young Lions (YL) and Beijing Guoan Talent FC (BGT) met at "Carousel" at Royal Plaza of Scotts for a luncheon for the first time since the mass brawl that took place on the 7th of September at the Jalan Besar Stadium .  This luncheon session allowed both parties to make their stand on the unpleasant incident that caused quite a stir in both Singapore and China with both Young Lions and Beijing Guoan Talent reiterating that tough disciplinary actions will be shown to those perpetrators.  In the meantime, representatives from the two teams expressed their sincere regret and apology to the fans and public, while pleading for forgiveness for those involved in the mass brawl. Mr Eugene Loo making a short speech Mr Eugene Loo, the team manager of the Young Lions (pictured above, on extreme right) in his welcome speech thanks their guests for turning up for the luncheon and amid the ongoing Hari Raya celebration, he hopes bo

"Do you think you'll do any good to the league?"

Not that long ago, I came across one post from an online forum. The posting on the online forum detailed a fan's frustration over the state of the game in this country, with one of her grouses targetted the presence of the feeder squads of both Albirex Niigata and Beijing Guoan, which she felt had deprived some local talents of playing at the top level. Beijing Guoan Talents - one of many "one-season wonders" She argued that players from both teams are merely using S.League as a "training ground" and added if "If FAS thinks Beijing Guoan (pictured above) can attract a packed house every week, they must be dreaming." following the major reshuffling of players in the Chinese-based squad during the transfer window. Albirex Niigata (Singapore) players "Feeder teams are bad news, as demonstrated by Albirex (pictured below). When a player performs well, he will be recalled to the parent team and they will send a lousy player to replace (him

The New Boys' debut - Etoile FC 1-0 Beijing Guoan Talent FC

Referee Abdul Malik officiated this historical match INTRODUCTION It was a historical day at the Jalan Besar Stadium, as the season 2010 welcome both Etoile FC and Beijing Guoan into the foray of the S.League.  For the record, the French-based Etoile is the first European-based club, while the feeder club from the Chinese capital is the fourth Chinese-based club to be featured in our league.   I was at the pitchside to snap some shots during the first half, before heading to an elevated angle to catch this "live" game of the season after the break.  In the first half, what I saw was a stout Beijing defence that did a job in holding the French side at the bay, as in what their coach said the post-match press conference "they played according to my instruction", with Etoile striker Frederic Mendy was certainly a lone figure up front with unwanted attention from those green-shirted men. We hope it's just "first match jittery" for Frederic Mendy (pictured

[Instant Reaction] 北京国安为新联赛第十二只球队

(P.S: The Chinese text in the title says - "Beijing Guoan confirmed as the 12th team of S.League" ) The logo of Beijing Guoan FC (picture credit:  Logowik  **) The dust had settled as it was declared CSL club Beijing Guoan will join Etoile FC as the debutantes for Season 2010, which is scheduled to kick off on 1st February.  The announcement of the decision is much to the dismay of many fans who are clamouring for more local flavours in Singapore's only professional league (i.e.: praying for the returning of the likes of Sembawang Rangers, Jurong FC, etc.) Unfortunately, the league authority stood by their  “foreign team will bring in flavour and lift the playing standard (although, it wasn't the case all the time except for Albirex's first season and Super Reds' 2008 season)” theory with the last slot being given to the team hailed from the Chinese capital.  I am aware that the news is not well-received by the fans, but the decision is FINAL and time should