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Update on Discplinary Committee (DC) hearing

Mr K Balachandra (pictured above) talks to the media after the hearing outside Jalan Besar Stadium.

It was a long, lengthy wait as expected, as the main media outlets and the concerned parties descended at the Jalan Besar Stadium for the Disciplinary Committee (DC) hearing for the mass-brawl that took place between Young Lions and Beijing Guoan Talents on the 7th September.
The DC panel is an independent body separated from the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) and they are formed by a group of lawyers who presided over the hearing. 

After five hours of hearing, the chairman of the DC, Mr K Balachandra emerged and revealed that a total of 16 players from both sides are being charged (ten from Beijing, six from Young Lions). 

Mr Balachandra added the hearing will be continued at 6.30pm later of the day (22nd of September), with verdict likely to be issued following the session.


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