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"Matchpix" - January 2018

(P.S: If you access this site via "", please click the "Facebook" icon after you click "HERE" when you want to view the album as that will redirect you to the album, thank you) ABL - Slingers vs Alab Pilipinas 070118 Alab's Renaldo Balkman (34) met with some Slingers' resistance The first basketball compilation of the year saw Singapore Slingers lost 80-89 (after OT) to Alab Pilipinas at the OCBC Arena in this exciting ASEAN Basketball League fixture. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REST OF THE MATCH PICTURES ABL - Slingers vs Mono Vampire 190118 Mono's Samuel Deguara (orange top) tried to force his way past Slingers' Chris Charles Singapore Slingers' mini renaissance of late in their ongoing ASEAN Basketball League campaign came to an abruptly end with a 88-91 defeat to Mono Vampire Basketball Club at the OCBC Arena of Singapore Sports Hub. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REST OF THE MATCH PICTURES

Import Quota of DPMM Raised Eyebrows

DPMM will continue their involvement (file snap) The participation of Brunei DPMM in the S.League has been under much scrutiny following revelations in recent media reports that the Sultanate's professional club was mulling a withdrawal from the Republic's setup to take part in leagues in either Malaysia or Indonesia. However, updates posted on the team's official website suggested that they had changed their mind and will continue their involvement in the Singapore domestic football scene which they did since 2004 when the Wasps (the nickname of DPMM) were first featured in the Singapore Cup tournament. On the same page of the aforementioned site, it was also made known, as quoted below. AFTER THE S-LEAGUE HAVE DECIDED TO ALLOW DPMM ON 4 IMPORT PLAYERS,THEY NOW DECIDED ON HAVING ANOTHER DISCUSSION ON THE FOREIGN PLAYERS FOR DPMM. The notion was further confirmed when the newly-appointed DPMM coach Rene Weber revealed in an article reported by BruSports News,

Mindset Tweak To Stay Relevant For NFL Clubs ...

Despite calls from all corners to push the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) to implement the promotion/relegation system between the professional S.League and the amateur National Football League (NFL) in order to inject the much-needed competitiveness among clubs, this blogger is still not in favour of this conventional practice commonly used in most football leagues around the world. Those who bother can refer to this old entry to find out why this blog insisted the promotion/relegation system is not feasible in Singapore football. Added on to the recent embarrassments (source 1 , 2 ) that occurred in recent weeks did little to improve the image of the NFL either. NFL sides would have to tweak their mindset to stay relevant (file picture) It is no secret that some of these NFL clubs harbouring thoughts of becoming part of the S.League one day but are being hamstrung by unfavourable climate of the game all along. Perhaps, it is time to adopt a different ap