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Come down to Kallang on 2nd June

Ten years back, soon after the national team claimed its first major honour - the Tiger Cup at Vietnam in 1998. An ambitious project "GOAL 2010" was launched with the ultimate aim to see us qualify for the 2010 World Cup. Since then, it was downward spiral all the way. The 4-0 home defeat to the "auld enemy" Malaysia at Kallang in 2002 being singled out as the darkest day in Singapore football. Like a phoenix rise from the ashes, the appointment of Serbian Raddy Avramovic as the national coach proved to be a masterstroke. Under the non-nonsense Raddy, the Singapore national team transformed itself from the under-achieving side of Asean football to a force to be reckoned with in Asian football. Yes, there were dark days in the turn of the century and eventually saw the scraping of the "Goal 2010" project. But looking back on what the national team had achieved since, can't we not say we are actually "back on track" to complete what "Goal

I missed Milan Máčala after the Bahrain friendly

Two months back, when asked what would be his biggest fear, given the lengthy break after the Lions' victory over the Lebanese. Coach Radojko Avramovic hoped his boys would take a good care of themselves to avoid any unnecessary injuries while fulfilling their club obligations. Perhaps, the string of injuries that occurred to a handful of the players is something coach Raddy would not want to see. Prior the friendly against Bahrain, already saw skipper Indra Sahdan Daud being ruled out till the return game against Uzbekistan (if he recover in time) on 7th June. Joining the Home United star are the likes of Hariss Harun, Khairul Amri, John Wilkinson and etc (barring Hariss, Wilko and Khairul did featured against the Bahrainis). Again, was late for the post-match conference, when I saw coach Raddy (above) being surrounded by the media pack. (Initially, thought that the organizers had changed the venue from the usual "Sliver" room to the staircase that led to it!) after the

Being more efficient

In the first posting of the year, I did mentioned that the above-mentioned marking will be "pasted" onto what images, photographs and whatsoever created by me. But having reviewed the whole situation, I decided to do it away for more efficiency. Lately, you guys must have noticed that the "BoLASEPaKO" marking is no longer visible at the bottom right of images. This is because I decided to use an online software call " Picnik " to edit most of my images and photos. The only drawback I can think of this software is inability to allow users to add text onto it (unless, you're willing to pay for it).

Really Kena Sabo.. teruk teruk...

Need not further explain my point. Look like "that thing" has really done us a great deed from denying us from joing the Asian elite club tournament. What a shame and the "BLACK SOCKS" are for those who really played us out.. KNN.. (P.S: the Black Socks were being used as in refer to the BLACK SOX scandal that rocked the US baseball scene in 1919)

U stay here??

Just have some fun with the "FEEDJIT" live traffic map. Been there on the right for quite some time and been wondering how reliable is this tracking device. Here's one (above) the Feedjt tracked down this visitor from Brunei... Here's another one from Jakarta.. P.S: I'm not meant to expose anybody's identity or location. If you felt that there's an inclusion of privacy here.. pls let me know as soon as possible and I will remove this post immediately. I would like to state that all these tracking was done so using the "FEEDJIT" software that is being made available to everybody on the net, thank you Although I really doubt how reliable is this tracking software, see where it found the ONE and ONLY spot from Singapore? At the road junction near Suntec City!!

Meet up with another old friend - Steve Darby

"We beat a team with 4 foreigners!!" The star attraction of the night was, of course, Perak coach - Steve Darby. Every guy in the media loves him, no doubts about it. Whenever the former Home United coach graced any media conference, journalists are bound to be spoilt with choices of colorful quotes that are both eye-catching and at times incurred the wrath of the game authority of the land (eg: the “beep” test comments, remember? Ooops:P). Coach Darby shared with us his thoughts of their victory over SAFFC in his usual witty humour manner which on and off drawn laughters from the pack, whom many had known him pretty well. Memories with Coach Darby Snapped this picture with coach Darby (this is the 2nd time I took a picture with him), many thanks to Mr Ong JY for the shot Here's the one took in 2005 at Woodlands Stadium.


Sorry, I never meant to be rude but that summarized the thoughts after watching a cup tie featuring defending champions and reigning Cup holders SAFFC and minnows Balestier Khalsa at the Choa Chu Kang Stadium moments last night (as at the time of writing it was already past midnight.) The basic elements (eg: the pace, the aggression and etc) of that of a knock-out Cup game were not that at all.. In short, it was more a training drill for both sides.. Glad that the game finished with the Warriors proceed to the next stage within the regulated 90 minutes.. Thanks Goodness...

This is makin me sick....

(P.S: I know it's nothing to do with Singapore football but the headline below just make me SICK!!!) picture from "mypaper" I certainly hope Lionel Messi would not become he was depicted in the picture above, as if he was tired and worn-out if the deal goes ahead to see him becoming the most expensive player in the history of football. I just think the whole thing is gettin' out of hand with the big money transfer is simply going bananas. No doubt, Messi is a talented player but why give him such a big burden being the world's most expensive player at such a young tender age? We seen so many players being brought by this tag eg: Denilson in 1998 Mr Abramovich, (whose picture from "wiki") you may have the money of the world but please don't destroy the game for the sake of getting success in the shortest space of time. Chelsea may appreciate what you done but there are even bigger number of there just dont feel the same way.

Meet up with a fellow blogger (Mr Antony Sutton)

With Antony after the game at Bishan Stadium (many thanks to Mr Visakan Subramaniam for the shot) Met up with Mr Antony Sutton, the man behind the Jakarta Casual at the Bishan Stadium. This was Antony's second visit to the Bishan stadium in a space of a week and glad he enjoyed himself. It's nice and exciting to meet up with a fellow blogger who shares the same interest in blogging and football. Recently, Antony penned a well-written article (click on the link) on what he saw and observed about the locals' attitude towards the S.League Thanks Antony.. (P.S: Rest assured, what happened to Home United for the past two outings at Bishan were purely coincidence, Antony :P)

What a dampen (something South China would not want..)

... especially just few days ago, the most decorated club in Hong Kong football just claimed the domestic league title. SOUTH CHINA's warming-up session SCAA's Portuguese coach Jose Lopes Costa Silva (in the foreground) kept a close eye on his charges.. HOME UNITED's warming-up session The media pass and the team sheet... THE PRESS CONFERENCE after the match ( imaginary caption... ) The only statement by an infuriated South China coach Jose Lopes Costa Silva, as he stormed into the conference room with his Brazilian import (of German descent)Tales Schutz, was, "I speak very little, as I'm very, very angry" before stormed out of the room, leaving the bald-headed striker facing the waiting press. "In Hong Kong, we can field six foreigners, whereas we can have only two (actually, it's 3, Tales) in the AFC tournament" lamented Schutz, when asked about the predicament faced by the newly-crowned Hong Kong league champions. "We tried our be