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阿隆。。好自为知!! (Ah Long, Behave yourself!! )

That shocking turn of event still etched my mind whenever I recalled it - that Noh Alam Shah's sudden outburst at last year's Cup Final at the JBS. Happened to come to know that his ban has been reduced to seven months (see the picture above.) Let's move on and stop getting ourselves involved in any discussion regarding this as I felt it's pointless, since we need to proceed from this juncture, somewhere and somehow. As for "Ah Long", Good for you and I sincerely hope this incident is a good lesson learnt and please strictly bear this in mind that you are a role-model to many kids whom look up on you for that killer instinct in front of goal, thus whatever you do is subjected to public scrutiny. Waiting to see you back in action on and after 13th July..

some thoughts after the batte of "disappointed"

Shot from the media desk I'm not sure should whosoever be responsible for making whosoever to believe that whosoever was meant to be that good? Confusing, eh?? Well, that was not what I meant to do but having came back from Bedok Stadium, where I saw Geylang United beat Sengkang Punggol 2-0, that thought just came to me. Prior the start of the season, both teams went through a major overhaul in their team list, by having some so-called decent players signed by both teams, to an extend the Eagles were even touted to be title-contender and Sengkang was geared up for the big time. But in the end, what do we have? Save for their last three outing, Geylang failed to live up to their promise and Sengkang hold the title of having scoring the least number of goals as the season concluded the first-third of the campaign.

Sad to see this happened...

Believe it or not.. This construction site, just outside Jalan Besar Stadium, used to be the training pitch of the national team. The existing building used to be ChristChurch Secondary school and after the school was relocated years back, the National Football Academy took over the facilities till recent times when the People Association decided that this is the place to be when they decided to shift from the Old Kallang Airport.

Back in FULL Swing new desktop

Hi Guys.. Managed to get my desktop back, after having another blow into my pockets.. So how does look?? Some comments posted online on HWZ ( said, " wah rans ah beng CPU spotted", " wahz.. the fan in front look like aeroplane engine.." " improve on your wire management first b4 u show" " Sho messy still dare to show, I rast time play computer that time, use IDE cable still neater than urs" " the fan beri kiasu..........." Hahaha.. seems like the comments are being "negetive", anyway, four hours plus of hardwork by someone who not been assembled a PC for almost FIVE years - should be lauded for his effort eh??

From DELL,..back from JBS

Coach Gerd Zeise of New Riadant addressing the media, with his counterpart, SAFFC's Richard Bok on his left Coach Richard Bok refused to blame on the fatigue (of their last game against Super Reds) that drained his players after their AFC Cup fixture against New Radiant of Maldives, that ended one all at the JBS. "Credits to New Radiant" as the SAFFC coach lauded his opponents' performance, while facing an eager media that were ready to grill him. "They looked more energized and the desire to get something out of the game, as they promised on Monday (post-match press conference). "We had created so many chances that we can't put it away" said the Warriors coach. Earlier on (I was late into the press conference room), the German coach of New Radiant, Gerd Zeise attributed the result of tonight's result to the altering of the tactics as he explained, when asked about the night's outcome as compared to last time the two met in Male. Can't