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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

阿隆。。好自为知!! (Ah Long, Behave yourself!! )

That shocking turn of event still etched my mind whenever I recalled it - that Noh Alam Shah's sudden outburst at last year's Cup Final at the JBS.

Happened to come to know that his ban has been reduced to seven months (see the picture above.)

Let's move on and stop getting ourselves involved in any discussion regarding this as I felt it's pointless, since we need to proceed from this juncture, somewhere and somehow.

As for "Ah Long", Good for you and I sincerely hope this incident is a good lesson learnt and please strictly bear this in mind that you are a role-model to many kids whom look up on you for that killer instinct in front of goal, thus whatever you do is subjected to public scrutiny.

Waiting to see you back in action on and after 13th July..

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