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Monday, April 14, 2008

Slowing down a bit, without any choice...

Nope, it's doesnt spell the END yet, but it just that the desktop that has been serving me well till the wee-hours of this morning had decided enough is enough.. Yes it's gone most likely (given the typical lifespan of a desktop averaging FOUR years plus or so..)

As such, I might have to slow things down a bit till everything is clear again

(Sorry for the orientation of the clip, didn't realized it till it's late)

Here's the symptom: Whenever I press the ON button, the CDRW's LED will remained permanent lit (as illustrated in the videoclip) and at the meantime, there's this "wizzle" sound generated from the CPU.

Initially, I thought it's the CDRW that caused the problem, but having isolated it didn't solved the problem and the "wizzle" sound still remained.

Only later, when I unplugged the power cable to my floppy drive ("A" drive), the "wizzle" sound is gone and concluded at that point might be the floppy drive (since my boot-up sequence is from "A" to "C"-Hardisk, then "D"-DVD-Rom and "E"-CDRW).

Sad to say, the problem didn't solve at all when I try to replace a floppy drive, as at this stage, it's the LED of the replaced floppy remained permanent lit!

By this time, I had already unplugged any peripherals (except my video and RJ45 cable) from my mobo.. So what could I concluded from this?

It was only few hours earlier, i'm still using it as per normal.

Anyone with a solution or explaination would be greatly appreaciated and please feel free to log them in the comments.. thanks

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