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Welcome back, Vincent ..

Under a pretty odd circumstance, Home United decided to replace its rookie Hungarian coach Zsolt Bucs with tough task master Vincent Subramaniam, known for his non-nonsense training approach. Odd in a sense that, l thought the Protectors have managed to string a few decent results, especially we finally get to see the real abilities of Jeong Kyeong Joon and the evergreen Egmar Goncalves’s back to form displays in recent weeks. The mini-revival lately could signal better things to come, I not sure if it’s a wise move to replace Bucs with a much-experienced Vincent Subramaniam, who has not been involved regular coaching assignment since he was relieved as national coach years back. Anyway, it’s not the first time we seen mid-season coaching changes in the Bishan stadium, back in year 2000, Dutchman Roberts Alberts was lured from Tanjong Pagar United to take over Ibrahim Awang (if I remember correctly), thus lifted the under-achieving Protectors to their first title soon aft

Instant reaction: China 1-0 Singapore

No shame boys.. no shame at all.. You guys stood up well against the highly-fancied Chinese for the full 90 minutes, just a cruel bad luck that allowed the Chinese coach to save his face, keep his job. Though l did not see you guys played but I'm sure you guys had done your best. Now for the revenge on the 6th Sept!! Go LIONS Go!!

I don't mean to do this again...

This picture really pissed me off, as "mypaper" joined the fun in covering EPL news ..and in fact I'm pretty sick of it!! What is so great about EPL? That almost all sports media in Singapore can't survive without it? Yet again, Liverpool's Community Shield win appeared on the frontpage of the "Grand Old Lady" (The Straits TIme) - What's the BIG DEAL man? Hey.. every idiots seems eagerly anticipate to see themselves "suck back to the "made-believe" fairytale of the EPL! While no one seems to pay attention to the Lions' crucial fixture against China days tomorrow! It's certainly is a JOKE!! Just days ago, aren't you guys sang the national anthem and pledged yourself as "ONE UNITED PEOPLE"? Yet there's not concern about the Lions' Asian Cup qualifier? SHAME ON YOU LOT.. FAKE IDIOTS!!!

Videocast: Hitting the rock-bottom isn't as bad as it look

- Videoclip of the match between Young Lions and Sengkang Punggol Sounds a bit funny by saying that in the case of the Young Lions, who had just lost to the cellar-dwellers Sengkang Punngol at the Jalan Besar stadium. Since the news of the national under-23 football team (to be made up of mainly Young Lions squad) are going to the Asian Games end of this year, the form of the team has been appalling, much to the dismay of those who are concerned about if the same outcome like the last SEA Games would resurfaced again to haunt the team. Anyway, I would rather see that as a blessing in disguise. Yes, they may be hitting the bad patches lately (having played so many games this season) but would you rather see that happened now or later in Doha? Take a leaf from the recent World Cup finalists, the Italians and the French. Were they, the fans' choice for being the finalists? Did the media gave them a damn at the start of the tournament? Nope, they did not but both the French and the I