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I don't mean to do this again...

This picture really pissed me off, as "mypaper" joined the fun in covering EPL news

..and in fact I'm pretty sick of it!!

What is so great about EPL? That almost all sports media in Singapore can't survive without it?
Yet again, Liverpool's Community Shield win appeared on the frontpage of the "Grand Old Lady" (The Straits TIme) - What's the BIG DEAL man?

Hey.. every idiots seems eagerly anticipate to see themselves "suck back to the "made-believe" fairytale of the EPL! While no one seems to pay attention to the Lions' crucial fixture against China days tomorrow!

It's certainly is a JOKE!! Just days ago, aren't you guys sang the national anthem and pledged yourself as "ONE UNITED PEOPLE"? Yet there's not concern about the Lions' Asian Cup qualifier?



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