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Welcome back, Vincent ..

Under a pretty odd circumstance, Home United decided to replace its rookie Hungarian coach Zsolt Bucs with tough task master Vincent Subramaniam, known for his non-nonsense training approach.

Odd in a sense that, l thought the Protectors have managed to string a few decent results, especially we finally get to see the real abilities of Jeong Kyeong Joon and the evergreen Egmar Goncalves’s back to form displays in recent weeks.

The mini-revival lately could signal better things to come, I not sure if it’s a wise move to replace Bucs with a much-experienced Vincent Subramaniam, who has not been involved regular coaching assignment since he was relieved as national coach years back.

Anyway, it’s not the first time we seen mid-season coaching changes in the Bishan stadium, back in year 2000, Dutchman Roberts Alberts was lured from Tanjong Pagar United to take over Ibrahim Awang (if I remember correctly), thus lifted the under-achieving Protectors to their first title soon after.

Good Luck.


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