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Match Day Ritual (Bishan)

I think it is a fun idea to detail what we, football fans in Singapore, would normally do before heading to the ground. Maybe, here's a try at Bishan, right across where I lived. (Picture above the description.) First and foremost, meet up with your friends at the Bishan MRT station. If you guys think it is still too early to be part of the white elephant, "Junction 8" is always a good choice to hang around, settle your "makan" at one of the many eating outlers inside this shopping mall. If you think the price is not right at the mall's eating outlets. The coffeeshop, right above the bus interchange, would offer you guys a better option. Still too early for you guys? The newly-opened library is just next door (but warning to you all - it's pretty noisy at times despite being a library!!) But the sunse, it's time to head to the stadium via this slope... Aren't you guys relieved that you filled up your stomach by then? So as to avoid those blan

Some "hidden" comment surfaced .. Finally

I always have this problem of understand the meaning of "backlinks". And the meantime, I also wondered why there were "22 comments need to be moderated" whenever I logon to my dashboard. Only to realize in my early blogging days, I set "moderate" mode to the "comment/feedback" setting. Gosh!! What have I done?? as I carelessly kept a well-written comment on one of the earliest blog entries!! Sincerely apology to the Mr/Ms/Mrs/Dr or whosoever who wrote that comment.. (P.s: Look a bit "packed"..interested viewers may wish to click onto the link and have a clearer view of it.) BoLASEPaKO - a simple view on Singapore Soccer: Heading Down Under : "1 Feedback from the viewer(s): Anonymous said... i agree with you that australia would be an ideal environment for our local lads. even some of the teams in the state league are becoming professional. arguably, the a-league has about the same standard of the english championship. the setup, ma

Videocast: For you all Malaysian fans outhere...

I'm not sure why lately some Malaysian football fans came to this Singapore football blog. Only to realize they googled " Mokhtar Dahari " and therefore was linked to this blog. Anyway, for you Malaysian soccer fans outhere, here's something for you guys - a clip from "Youtube" 1986 - a year we, Singaporeans, rather forget.. with legendary Mokhtar Dahari scoring one of the most well-documented goals the Kallang crowds ever seen (against us , of course).

When things you are not suppose to do...

Picture credit: I'm pretty disappointed with this group of Warriors fans, who made their way up to Shah Alam for the annual Sultan of Selangor Cup clash. Take a close look at the placards they held up. "Noor Ali", "Thersak Chaiman", "Johnny Wilkinson", "Faizal Hamid" and "Warriors here to support U", are what written on those cards. C'mon, this is a match between the best of Singapore League and the cream of Selangor football, shouldn't these Warriors fans ditched aside their club's loyalty to support the team as a whole? As I was not at the scene, I wasn't sure if there's other clubs' supporters behaved in such manner? But based on what I saw at Kallang last year, I wouldn't be surprised if there were, as I recalled having seen pockets of fans in various outfits cheering for the S.League's selection then. Simply is a such a letdown to have such thing to happen .

S.League sub forum in HWZ

Called it a "milestone" or what.. Finally, we have a Singapore football sub-forum in the wildy-popular's stable of forums (popularly known as HWZ). With no intention to disregard the others, I personally felt having this Singapore football forum hosted in this mass-appealling website, should be benificial in long run. The URL of this sub-forum as follows :