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Challenge with 140-character limit (utilizing "Twitter")

(Picture credit and edited with permission from Gan Meng Yeow ) Since I switched to iPhone , I have been heavily utilizing the "Twitter" related applications (such as " TweetDeck " and " TweetDeck ") on this wonderful gadget (as pictured above and to think the fact that I once proclaimed I'm not an APPLE user). Straight to the point, with the popularizing of this revolutionized handset that almost everyone is carrying nowadays. I think making full use of the social media tools such as " Twitter " and " Facebook " would do more good than harm. While I am aware the league authority and some clubs also have their own "tweets" and "FB" presence, but in my presence opinion those are rather under-utilized. Under-used in a sense, it's nothing more than just trying to squeeze everything like the latest information, match updates within the 140-character limit. So this is why I making use of the picture uploading func

IT - the way

In my private email to a group of friends not long ago, regarding the setting up of the trial Singapore football forum at the mass-appealing HWZ . I told them we cannot depend entirely on the mainstream media to publicize the S.League. It is certainly hard to face the fact that mainstream media are not doing much to raise the awareness of the local game, as much we would like them to like in the old days. A picture (below) here should more or less tell the story. A small obscured space on the papers Given such a small slot on the back pages and featured under the appropriately named as "Soccer Shorts", it hardly raised the eyebrows of any readers. Although, we can gather some S.League info from the likes of "TODAY" , "Shin Ming Daily News" 's Tuesday edition (one of the two SPH Chinese evening papers) and etc., still, I felt a large part of the folks out there are still ignorant of the league because of the lack of participation from the rest. Prepare