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[Telegram Chat] - Voice Vs Accountability In Social Media

Sometimes, self-restraint online is a must The rise of social media has made it possible for anyone to express their opinions on open platforms, a significant change from the past when only industry experts or Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) would be quoted or comment on relevant topics. MAINTAINING EMOTIONAL BALANCE IN ONLINE DISCUSSIONS However, it is equally crucial to occasionally step back and reflect on how we convey our thoughts online. I have noticed that individuals often become excessively emotional when debating a fiercely contested topic, which can sometimes lead to personal attacks . I firmly believe in engaging in debates constructively and avoiding excessive emotional involvement. THE IMPORTANCE Of CONSTRUCTIVE ENGAGEMENT At the same time, it is essential to be accountable for your words and the potential repercussions they may have. Recently, I encountered a post online that I considered inappropriate. In essence, the tone and language used were undesirable and could expo

Joining The TikToK Bandwagon (FINALLY)

Find me at TikTok as shown I was hesitant to get one because I don't know if I can manage it or not. Because with TikTok  now in the mix, I already have a Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , and a Telegram channel to manage the social media stuff of NEW CONTENT STRATEGY TO OPTIMISE ITS EFFECTIVENESS  Usually, what I do with those already existing sites is I would synchronize most of the postings so that followers of each platform will get to see the same stuff and not miss out on anything due to the algorithm settings. From what I know video seems to be a major part of TikTok, as such it might not be likely for me to synchronise it with other existing sites. Perhaps, a new and separate content creation strategy is needed to optimise to its full effectiveness. But it's a trend I can't afford to miss out on either. To get things started off the ground, I thought the repurposing of the outcomes of the IG Story polls would be a good idea. @bolasepako ONCE A FU

Why Malaysia Cup "IS IMPORTANT"?

Why is it so? Read on  It was the right decision for me not to snap in the recently concluded AFF Suzuki Cup , which I would like to show my greatest appreciation to Mr Jaron Lee for helping this platform when I felt I was not physically and mentally prepared for that regional marquee tournament. In the meantime, we also noticed the increased presence of "fan-based media" like myself during the abovementioned tournament who also have been actively churning out content for the past one, two years. The emergence of these new players is a welcome sight, and it is also a constant reminder to me that the need to be innovative in order to stay relevant in the field. BEING SELECTIVE NOW I thought with the proliferation of social media tools which are now seen as a "must-have" for many organizations and individuals, information posted on these new media domains can be shared, re-curated by other platforms easily . This is why weeks right after the end of the 2021 Singapore

Challenge with 140-character limit (utilizing "Twitter")

(Picture credit and edited with permission from Gan Meng Yeow ) Since I switched to iPhone , I have been heavily utilizing the "Twitter" related applications (such as " TweetDeck " and " TweetDeck ") on this wonderful gadget (as pictured above and to think the fact that I once proclaimed I'm not an APPLE user). Straight to the point, with the popularizing of this revolutionized handset that almost everyone is carrying nowadays. I think making full use of the social media tools such as " Twitter " and " Facebook " would do more good than harm. While I am aware the league authority and some clubs also have their own "tweets" and "FB" presence, but in my presence opinion those are rather under-utilized. Under-used in a sense, it's nothing more than just trying to squeeze everything like the latest information, match updates within the 140-character limit. So this is why I making use of the picture uploading func

IT - the way

In my private email to a group of friends not long ago, regarding the setting up of the trial Singapore football forum at the mass-appealing HWZ . I told them we cannot depend entirely on the mainstream media to publicize the S.League. It is certainly hard to face the fact that mainstream media are not doing much to raise the awareness of the local game, as much we would like them to like in the old days. A picture (below) here should more or less tell the story. A small obscured space on the papers Given such a small slot on the back pages and featured under the appropriately named as "Soccer Shorts", it hardly raised the eyebrows of any readers. Although, we can gather some S.League info from the likes of "TODAY" , "Shin Ming Daily News" 's Tuesday edition (one of the two SPH Chinese evening papers) and etc., still, I felt a large part of the folks out there are still ignorant of the league because of the lack of participation from the rest. Prepare