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Back to the Platform ... but denied from entering

Followed up from my last visit to the Floating Platform , I decided to drop in for another photo session from the playing surface. Little did I expected that the place is sealed off from public because of the preparation of the "Countdown" party. "(I) thought it was cancelled ? I got the news from the internet." I told the security lady-in-charge, after she explained why the platform was sealed from public. Nonetheless, she was kind enough to direct me to another spot for my photo-taking (above, though it wasn't the desired spot for me at all, ok then let's not spoil the Christmas mood). I was at the platform because of the news below. But before that the relevant authority and organizers shall resolve these grouses below. As I finished my session at the side of the platform and proceed to take train to somewhere else, I passed by at probably the most valuable green belt of this island - Padang (below). "How about have it at Padang, instead?" as th

So this is gonna be our HOME... (the PLATFORM)

The bland outlook of the facade of the Platform ... for the next few years until the completion of the much-touted SportsHub in mid-2011. Initially, I thought this marvel structure is out-of-bound, only later I was informed you can simply walk in anytime like nobody business (thanks Shamir for your tip-off), despite the barricades and all the stuff loaded at the basement of the main stand (for the upcoming F1 race.) Multi-colour plastic seats are the trademark of the platform. The Singapore Flyer The famed Singapore Skyline And there we have it, located right in between the two landmarks - the Singapore Flyer and the fame Singapore skyline, if the actions on the field is NOT gonna entice the spectators, at least they will be given a choice to visual remedy by these two landmarks. I think the red sector of the main stand will be reserved for the VVIPs and their guests, since from where I positioned to take this shot, this is supposedly to be the best seat of the house (remember the Pre

Basic to the basic...

Snapped this picture from the train, while on my way to a game. Can't remember where it was but that's not the issue, rather one thing that came to my mind was - shouldn't the game be played in the most basic manner like what depicted in the picture? It seems that most of us seems to forget the most basic element of the game - Having fun. Sure, I know there's a lot of folks outhere still having their "kickabout" session every weekend around the island, though the saddest thing I can't help but having that feeling on those guys slogging out for a living on the field, those so-called "full-timers". In a time where money and winning are so important that I wonder if those star players on the field really enjoy themselves like those amateurs having fun on an ad-hoc basis?

It's not just about S.League..(having Beach Fun at downtown)

.. that this blog been covering, rather I would welcome any opportunity to take a peek on other forms of the game being played in Singapore, after all, this is blog is a "simple view on Singapore Soccer". Being told visually that was this "Velocity Beach Festival" being held at Novena's Velocity and one of the events feature was the " 3-on-3 Beach Soccer Competition ". So after the mandatory market session, I headed down to the mall that prided itself as "Singapore’s dedicated sports mall" . Everything looked disorganized when I first arrived at scene, saw some guys having a kick-about in the sand pit. (only to realize they were just getting ready :P) A few close-up shots from the sideline. Some action-packed photos from the sideline. AFTERTHOUGHTS No t a bad idea to catch some beach football action in a downtown area, eh? One thing I do realized is playing the beach version of the game require one's leg muscles to be strong and well-con

U stay here??

Just have some fun with the "FEEDJIT" live traffic map. Been there on the right for quite some time and been wondering how reliable is this tracking device. Here's one (above) the Feedjt tracked down this visitor from Brunei... Here's another one from Jakarta.. P.S: I'm not meant to expose anybody's identity or location. If you felt that there's an inclusion of privacy here.. pls let me know as soon as possible and I will remove this post immediately. I would like to state that all these tracking was done so using the "FEEDJIT" software that is being made available to everybody on the net, thank you Although I really doubt how reliable is this tracking software, see where it found the ONE and ONLY spot from Singapore? At the road junction near Suntec City!!


If you were at Queenstown stadium days ago, you bound to hear the mentioned chants by the "home" fans. After all, it was the home debut of Dalian Shide Siwu FC (one of the many variations of this team) - the latest addition to the S.League. Initially, these fans (a small pocket of Chinese expatriates) were chanting "Come On, Dalian!" (大连队,加油!) before they switched to "Come On, Shide!" (实得队,加油!), although the funny part occurred when they also chant "Come on, LIAONING!"(辽宁队,加油!) No fault to that, since Dalian is a seaport located in the Liaoning province, thus no argument to that I thought (See the map above.. Thanks Paul, for reminding me that). PICTURES at QUEENSTOWN STADIUM The first surprise was to read the another variation of the name of the Dalian Shide Football Club - "Dalian Shide Talent Development Football Club' (Wow.. that's long and formal eh..) Another surprise was to see the media booth being shifted upwards to the top

Reborn Reds...

(P.S: I decided to take down this entry temporary and re-posted it again on Tuesday (19th) evening,to avoid being perceived as "trying to be faster" than the official league website) Festive mood greeted those who were at Yishun Stadium before the first match of the new season between Super Reds and Woodlands Wellington. "Shouldn't this introductory event be done last year during their inaugural year?" I thought when I saw the carnival-styled atmosphere at the Korean-based Super Reds' designated home ground. A banner (near the Khatib MRT station) announced the match to be played at Yishun stadium. These ladies were from Korean broadcaster KBS (as I overheard someone was asking them, saw one of them at JBS on Sunday..) "That's life in Singapore..." as a short video clip was played to the fans that documented the life of the players in Singapore. Traditional Korean drum performance kicked start the fanfare before the match. "Here they ar