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Bring back the "Semangat"?

Got to know there's this movie about Singapore football "Kallang Roar the Movie" that is gonna hit the town soon. I'm sure it's going to be definitely better than the slapstick - "One Leg Kicking" ( graded 3.6/10 as on 30th June by "imdb" ) Here's the trailer clips as forwarded to me via my " Farewell to Kallang Roar " clip Part One Part Two Must have bring back a lot of Good Ol' Memories eh? (P.S.: and Uncle Choo's scolding too!!)

Basic to the basic...

Snapped this picture from the train, while on my way to a game. Can't remember where it was but that's not the issue, rather one thing that came to my mind was - shouldn't the game be played in the most basic manner like what depicted in the picture? It seems that most of us seems to forget the most basic element of the game - Having fun. Sure, I know there's a lot of folks outhere still having their "kickabout" session every weekend around the island, though the saddest thing I can't help but having that feeling on those guys slogging out for a living on the field, those so-called "full-timers". In a time where money and winning are so important that I wonder if those star players on the field really enjoy themselves like those amateurs having fun on an ad-hoc basis?

Product Review: Nike First Touch II FS - Varsity Royal

(P.S: This is my first attempt in writing product review, opinions expressed below are sole personal from the blogger himself , without any form of interference from whosoever entity or individual.) THE FIRST IMPRESSION "Wow!","Striking!" - those were the reactions from my friends upon the unveiled of " Nike First Touch II FS - Varsity Royal" (as illustrated above). The first impression of this footwear is the eye-catching glossy royal blue coloured leather top. Cushioned padding around the ankle area of this shoe is critical, as twisting and turning revolving the ankle is a common motion when playing futsal. Although it fitted in nicely, it's bit tight, however just right (some players would prefer a little more room for the feet, rather than being tight-fitting). As this is not your typical conventional soccer boots that are fitted with screwed or moulded studs, I think these shoes also make an ideal footwear for your daily outdoor activities. THE &

Instant Reaction: Though din make thru but it was a perfect end ....

FIFA website shown the stats as at the stoppage time Game over... It's another end of the chapter following this win at Beirut. Cheers boys, at least we won the last game and being the first team to score against the Uzbeks. Take this as a good learning curve and I'm pretty sure that few years down the road, this current crop of players will be enshrined being one of the best teams played for the country.. (after all, we have never been come to this far, right?) See you guys back home :)

It's not just about S.League..(having Beach Fun at downtown)

.. that this blog been covering, rather I would welcome any opportunity to take a peek on other forms of the game being played in Singapore, after all, this is blog is a "simple view on Singapore Soccer". Being told visually that was this "Velocity Beach Festival" being held at Novena's Velocity and one of the events feature was the " 3-on-3 Beach Soccer Competition ". So after the mandatory market session, I headed down to the mall that prided itself as "Singapore’s dedicated sports mall" . Everything looked disorganized when I first arrived at scene, saw some guys having a kick-about in the sand pit. (only to realize they were just getting ready :P) A few close-up shots from the sideline. Some action-packed photos from the sideline. AFTERTHOUGHTS No t a bad idea to catch some beach football action in a downtown area, eh? One thing I do realized is playing the beach version of the game require one's leg muscles to be strong and well-con

What a fiery end....

The mock background at the lift lobby of JBS In the end, Gombak United claimed their first major trophy since joining the S.League with two goals from their "Golden Boy" - Gabriel Obatola in the Avaya -J & J League Cup Final. While Jeon Byung Euk's stunning equalizer levelled the scores in the second half, the match was concluded in a fiery manner which saw three players being sent off. Personally, I wasn't impressed with Bulls' 'keeper's "playing with the fire" antics that triggered the mess towards the end. SOME PICTURES FROM THE LEAGUE CUP FINAL The Super Reds spared no effort to hype up the support by roped in K-Pop artistes from Korea and the fans luv it, of course A video clip of their performance. Gombak coach Swandi Ahmad (center) shared his thoughts after a fiery finale.

Instant Reaction: Thank you to 22,500....

.. of you at the National Stadium just now, for the presumptive last game at the Grand Ol' Dame of Kallang. Many Thanks to Ms Lee TienSin for taking this shot at the doorstep of "Press Booth No.2" (Wish I could have the black tag as a souvenir) Unfortunately, the gallant Hassan Sunny in goal was not enough to stop the Saudis from confirming their spot in the final round of the World Cup qualifiers at our own expenses (those of you who saw the game should know why and how..) With the exclusive last goal-scorer at the National Stadium fallen to Ahmed Al Fraidi. SOME PICTURES FROM "SILVER" ROOM "We knew it will be a very hard game against Singapore, especially after they scored three goals against Uzbekistan (in their last home game)." said Saudi coach Nassir Johar (wearing a cap), through his translator on his right. "And they made the Uzbeks suffered a lot before wining the game 1-0 at Tashkent. "We were tactically well-prepared, having know

The LAST Hurrah??

Alrite, we all know very well that we were being "played out" last year by that event . Nonetheless, this could well be the LAST I guess... So just a kindly reminder that, for those who are heading down to the stadium tomorrow, do yourself a favour - sing the "MAJULAH SINGAPURA" lound and clear... If you want to have a guide on how to see the national anthem, here's a clip to show you how. HOW TO SING "MAJULAH SINGAPURA"

Mission (Im)possible

Look what I found during the tidying of my stuff over the weekend? Two Malaysia Cup-era posters of the Singapore team (it's not right to call them the NATIONAL team when they playing in a domestic competition of another sovereign state)!! Good thing that I didn't dump them away, but honestly speaking I have totally forgotten their existence till the tidy up!! So wasting no effort, I had these two valuable posters laminated and next on the plan - is to trace down each individual and ask them to sign on these poster :) So guys, watch out for me, with these posters and a marker, in coming weeks :P (P.S: Unfortunately, "Russian Tank" Borhan Abu Samah is one I can't get to sign on it...... )

Writing to the mainstream media

The leading up to and the days that follow after the game against Uzbekistan saw some of my letters being published on the mainstream papers. Urging the fans to turn up at the National Stadium - "Mypaper" - 2nd June 2008 (Well, 28,000 of you, as seen below this line, turned up.. How many responded to my call??) Days later (6th June 2008), another of my letters (below) was published on "TODAY" (dated 6th May). This time round, I voiced my opinion by saying it wasn't fair to "pin-point" the naturalized players only for the defeat. (Unfortunately, the guys at TODAY tweaked my line a little bit and somehow misnterpreted my views.. Sight! ). On the same day on "MyPaper", one honest chap gave his "wake-up" call to we all die-hard supporters (as depicted above). Feeling a lump in my throat, I wrote in again (above, published on 9th June 2008) and "thank him" for his honest view. Writing to the mainstream press can be a daunti

Instant Reaction: Nothin' to shame about, Lions

Really... there's nothing to shame. You guys did yourself a great favour to restore the pride of the team. Nothing to shame about, just bad luck and the Uzbeks simply expoited it. You were so close to savage a draw, but this is one of the games you guys out there should walk away with your heads up. Hope to see you carry on with this great performance when you are back in town for the Saturday game against the Saudis. Well done boys, you made a fool out of the Uzbeks... :)

Obituary: Mr Khairudin Idris

With deepest sympathy and sadness, we say goodbye to Mr Khairudin Idris , who passed away peacefully this morning in his sleep. Mr Din had been actively involved in the local football scene in the capacity as a match commissioner for the S.League. Ironically, the last time I saw Mr Din was at Choa Chu Kang Stadium on Wednesday. Rest In Peace, Mr Din.

Alright, Own up.. who is spying on Lionel Lewis??

So who has been tracing us from Tashkent? Based on "FEEDJIT", someone from Tashkent visited this blog A click on the referrral shown this particular someone was checking on Lionel Lewis - our national team goalkeeper. What's more based on "FEEDJIT", it was logged on from a PC near to where the main stadium of Tashkent is, hmmm....

The Aftermath (3-7)

“The Straits Times” shown some mercy when they lauded the "courage and effort shown", whereas its sister paper, the free tabloid “Mypaper” screamed "Disgraceful, Inept, Shameful!", while the rivalling “TODAY” depicted a player looked like Aleksandar Duric or Fahrudin Mustafic holding his head in despair with the tag "LIONS' SHAME". Those were the reactions from the mainstream media following the national team's biggest home defeat in their competitive history. While I don't blame the media for splashing that kind of eye-catching headlines across the front-pages since they were telling what we saw with our own eyes. Although, all these happened at the wrong timing. Wrong timing in a sense, these happened when the chips are looking up for the national team, who are slowly trying to regain the faith of the notorious sceptical football followers of this country. Yes, we were being taught a very good lesson of the game and the Uzbeks truly deserved

Instant reaction: the thrashing by Uzbeks

No doubt, it is setback for the dream. The Lions were sent crashing back to earth by the much superior Uzbekistan side. But isn't that football ? Before the "FLOODGATE" open.... Hey, I'm not finding any excuse and I know some of you, sceptics out there, already have your knives sharpen to prove your "incompetence" theory had correctly predicted the downfall, that was aided by the fact the game was shown live on television for all to witness that. Looking at a bigger picture, the Lions were given a very good lesson learnt, weren't they? Took this picture with coach Raddy after the game (Many thanks to the gentleman, who took this shot, I'm sorry that I forgotten to ask your name.. but I appreciate your help :)) Coach Raddy always mentioned the Uzbeks are playing a different style of football and they did (seen what fast they slammed three more after we levelled?). On a few occasions, our players actually waiting for the possession and not fighting fo

For the first time...I attended a pre-match press conference

For the first time, I took part in a pre-match press conference of the national team at the Amara Hotel (above), prior to their match against Uzbekistan on 2nd June. Where the panel seat... While the media getting ready... Nice setting near the poolside at the sixth-level of the hotel (although, the only grouse was the constant traffic movement beside hotel, that noise generated by those vehicles tend to distort when the coaches were saying something.) "As the Uzbek league played its (league) championship match from 26 to 28th May, the national team can't conduct its centralized training till 28th.” said Rauf Inileyev (above, the man in green is the media officer and translator for the visiting team), coach of the Uzbekistan national team, who arrived in Singapore only yesterday. "Thus, there isn't enough time to prepare the team against Singapore, but this is not the main problem." (which he refer to aspects like having came from a region in a different tim