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Instant reaction: the thrashing by Uzbeks

No doubt, it is setback for the dream.

The Lions were sent crashing back to earth by the much superior Uzbekistan side.

But isn't that football ?

Before the "FLOODGATE" open....

Hey, I'm not finding any excuse and I know some of you, sceptics out there, already have your knives sharpen to prove your "incompetence" theory had correctly predicted the downfall, that was aided by the fact the game was shown live on television for all to witness that.

Looking at a bigger picture, the Lions were given a very good lesson learnt, weren't they?

Took this picture with coach Raddy after the game (Many thanks to the gentleman, who took this shot, I'm sorry that I forgotten to ask your name.. but I appreciate your help :))

Coach Raddy always mentioned the Uzbeks are playing a different style of football and they did (seen what fast they slammed three more after we levelled?).

On a few occasions, our players actually waiting for the possession and not fighting for it (therefore allowing some of the goals being conceded in that manner, agreed?).

But at the end of the day, let's not discredit the national team for just one defeat.

Everyone has its bad day and taking some consolation out of this game - we actually destroyed the clean sheet of the Uzbeks in this qualifier.


Many thanks to "Pika" of HWZ for allowing me to use some of his pictures (above) he taken while at the ground.

Many thanks to "tamago_" of HWZ for allowing me to use one of his pictures he taken while at the ground (above: Mustic above to level the scores through the spot-kick.).

This picture (above) by "takuyazzz" of HWZ shown one of the many "wayang" tactics by the Uzbek for "time-wasting" (many thanks to "takuyazzz" )


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