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Ibrahim Corner And The "Curva" Culture in Singapore Football

Snapped this before I was ushered back to the main stand No one, except for Sembawang Rangers fans, knows why it was called the "Ibrahim Corner" at this part of Yishun Stadium, where I took my place here prior to the start of the S.League match between Harimua Muda and Albirex Niigata (Singapore) back in March 2012. But one thing is for sure, for many Stallions faithful in the past, this stand facing the main stand of the stadium holds many memories for them. This was the place where local football used to have some of its most passionate supporters congregated during the Stallions' home games in yesteryears until the club decided to pull out in 2003 because of financial difficulties. One of the things I remembered of these Sembawang supporters was in 2005 when they turned up in numbers at Ibrahim Corner to show their support to former Sembawang Rangers coach Vorawan Chitavanich, who was in charge of Tampines Rovers, at a league game against the Young Lions at this sta

Stop being a NATO...

I must admit something here that it just make me flare up whenever there is always such suggestions from some quarters of the fans pleading the league authority to bring back the likes of Tanjong Pagar United (which happened this year), Sembawang Rangers and Jurong FC back to the S.League. Not because I don't support the idea of having these "sit-out" clubs back to the foray, nor I'm whole-heartedly for the idea of having foreigner-based sides in our league (unless they have really something positive to contribute). But what really riled me is the fact that these pleadings were merely pleading with no concrete or tangible effort from whosoever to follow up on these appeals all over the years whenever it's almost due for that"customary musical chair" sequence that took place almost annually in recent years to name "that 12th club" of the league. Let's not discuss about what went wrong in the perceived "stringent" selection system

Prove me wrong if you get the nod

The revealing of the identity of the possible 12th S.League team being Tanjong Pagar United had set the buzz not least as (as pictured below when a poster claimed the Jaguars are being the "12th" team) And with confirmation of such possibility by the two Mediacorp media outlets - Channelnewsasia and TODAY (screen-grab below). Channelnewsasia broke the news on late Wednesday night . "TODAY" published the story TODAY . So it therefore more or less set the path of the possible return after sitting out for six years for the club that traces its roots back in 1975 with the formation of Tiong Bahru CSC under the guidance of Mr Richard Woon. But being someone who always believe is having solid foundation laid before hand before the admission (readmission in the case of Tanjong Pagar) of any team in the S.League, I have a few questions to ask here. What are they doing for the past six years since "sit out" as Tanjong Pagar Utd? Given the scenario

The forgotten training ground outside Yishun MRT station...

(Picture) Took this picture yesterday during my train ride when the north-bound train stopped at Yishun station. Of course, it's nothing usual about this green plot of uneven field and furthermore there's this sheltered walkout that linked the station to the nearest residential block, but what prompted me to blog something about it is because the field used to be the training ground of already-defunct Gibraltar Crescent SC, which used to play in old Premier League during the 1980s. I still recalled many years back while on my way to my uncle's place in Yishun, I would have alighted at this MRT station and transferred to a feeder bus and it was during one of those visits I chanced upon an opportunity to catch the team in training. Sadly though, the team, together with another northern-based team, Sembawang SC merged together as Sembawang Rangers FC to play in the inaugural S.League season in 1996, had faded away in 2003 when the Stallions decided to quit the league due to fi

Some thoughts after back from Clementi Stadium

Almost lost my way to Clementi Stadium yesterday, as this is the only FOURTH time I been to this ground (even though, the last time I was here was barely few weeks ago! ). This ground is the temporary home for Home United whose Bishan ground is currently under renovation for the upcoming Youth Games. Don't have any fond memory of this ground as the last time I was here for a competitive game between no-longer-existing Clementi Khalsa and not-sure-coming-back Jurong FC, I saw one of the most boring games in my entire life! Why, it seems that both teams then had forgotten that the main objective of the game is to score goals but instead were most interested to get the ball out of play for throw-in. And the sorry sight was the unappreciative half-time performance by the Clementi cheerleaders.

Not another 11th hour decision...

First it was Liaoning Guangyuan (logo as depicted above , from "Wiki"), now its replacement Dalian Shide Siwu's (logo as depicted below ) place in the S.League is in a limbo. Barely two years in a row, the league might , again, going to witness another change in the composition in the league which I felt is an unhealthy sign. The lack of continuity, in my opinion, doesn't speak well for the league who is still struggling to pull in the fans to the grounds from the couch. True to the fact that the two Chinese-based teams weren't been performing up to the expectation but to have Dalian being replaced in the eleventh hour still have people, especially the skeptics, asking,"How come so late?" Would it be fair to Dalian's management and players who are eager to prove themselves this coming season? It was mentioned in the papers that Brunei's DPMM (logo as depicted above , from "Wiki"), backed by the Brunei's crown prince, emerged as t

The website of "Jaguars Den"

picture link Came across the website while someone was searching for "Steven Tan" on Google. "Jaguars Den" was probably one of the first few S.League-related website making its debut in late 1990s. Sad to note that unavoidable financial crunch had forced this well-supported club out of business years back, but at least fans of the Jags can still relive that memories by log on to this not-longer-update site at

The Last game??

Sombre mood greeted this blogger when entered the Hougang stadium just now. Overheard this conversation at the entrance of the stadium that goes like this ".. Can help me to take a picture (of me) at the stadium??" said one player to his fellow mate, who declined as he was tasked to another job. 25th Oct 2005 - an another day for you and me but to some of the Paya Lebar Punggol FC's players, they could have played their last game before ever knowing where they will heading to next. Certainly, hope this sad scenario don't repeat itself again as the League authourity go through again a list of teams, which intend to join the league family next year.