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How "Google" made me a GUNMAN!!!

The screen shot of the translated page. I didn't undergo the BMT during my NS due to my visual handicap but somehow misinterpretation of Google Translate had made me a GUNMAN!! Just take a look at the screen shot of one of the recent blog entry on the "Floating Platform" (above). Unfortunately, due to the shortcoming and lack of human touch of this translator, the text "take this shot" was mistranslated as “开枪” (literary means "open fire", "take a GUN shot") whereas what I meant was "take this photo shot". I hope I had made myself clear as I don't wish to see myself being barred from entering the platform because of this blooper and please verify the translated text each time you used this translator!! Thank you for your kind attention..

I know it's none of my business...

But having came back from Jalan Besar close to midnight, is something we really ought to look into this issue. The AFC Cup match between local powerhouses Home United and Indian side Dempo SC, although not as prestigious as any Asian Champions League (ACL) game, it was suppose to be something not to be ignored too. Given its status as a platform for second-tier club sides to challenge for regional supremacy. I'm sure the organizers should be well-aware of the lack of interest in this second-tier continental tournament in this part of the region (judging from the minimal media coverage and fans' interest, both whose focus are on the debut F1 race in Singapore over the weekend). Certainly, we can't blame the fact of the 8.45pm kick-off given the pre-existing circumstances but such a late kick-off timing is something not the local fans are accustomed to (as most matches kick off at 7.30 or 7.45pm). Other factors like how the teams had to complete through the group stages befor

Yes, I mentioned “amateurism” but corporate could play a part too.

(Just a follow-up from one of my previous entries .) I know some of you folks out there don't fancy the idea of reverting back to amateur or semi-pro football, but this shouldn't be seen as a setback in improving the game on the whole. Just take a hard stare at the current local clubs' set-up, except for a small minority, a large number of them are struggling to stay afloat. They just don't have the muscles to complete with the big guns and are helpless in stopping those they nurtured from leaving for better wages offered elsewhere. Despite having the salary cap in place, it's no secret that some clubs are running on a shoestring budget. As an amateur or semi-professional meaning one will be playing the game without or little monetary gain and largely for the love of it. As a professional player meaning one bread and butter depend on playing the game, the pressure to perform and maintain oneself in tip-top condition is a test of self-perseverance to achieve that fea

So this is gonna be our HOME... (the PLATFORM)

The bland outlook of the facade of the Platform ... for the next few years until the completion of the much-touted SportsHub in mid-2011. Initially, I thought this marvel structure is out-of-bound, only later I was informed you can simply walk in anytime like nobody business (thanks Shamir for your tip-off), despite the barricades and all the stuff loaded at the basement of the main stand (for the upcoming F1 race.) Multi-colour plastic seats are the trademark of the platform. The Singapore Flyer The famed Singapore Skyline And there we have it, located right in between the two landmarks - the Singapore Flyer and the fame Singapore skyline, if the actions on the field is NOT gonna entice the spectators, at least they will be given a choice to visual remedy by these two landmarks. I think the red sector of the main stand will be reserved for the VVIPs and their guests, since from where I positioned to take this shot, this is supposedly to be the best seat of the house (remember the Pre


According to "Wikipedia", there are two other versions of "FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL" in the world. One being the Canada's broadcast of a Canadian Football League fixture on that day (Canadian Football, almost similar to American Football) and the other is the Australian versions of both Aussie Rules and the 13-men version of Rugby - the Rugby League (where die-hards still stubbornly refer it as FOOTBALL). The host of the night, her name is Angel Teo, right? (Correct me if I'm wrong, thanks) At the Tunnel before the match officials lead the teams out The lining up of the teams... Mingle around at the VIP Lounge... Post-match interviews at JBS are conducted at the lift lobby... Pictures of this entry were graphically-edited using " Picasa3 " of Google (What a painful experience to use it at the beginning, still struggling now)

Has anyone think of that?

Pictures taken at the my flat's lift lobby . I'm sure somebody already thought of that... See these two snapshots took at my flat's lift lobby? Well, the main thing is not the lift but the two notice boards placed on the pillars of the lobby. One of which is maintained by the town council and the other is under the care of the Residents' Committee (RC). As mentioned before, clubs should align themselves with the RCs and other community-based organization . So the question is: Has the clubs thought of having newsletter and other similar publications pasted on notice boards like those? For a start, we need not have something that's glossy and colour intensive if the money is tight, as I read before a simple newsletter can started off with a piece of photocopy of a mastercopy and duplicate as according to the number required (so as to save the trees and effectively managed the cost). A simple guide/format of such newsletter. The whole is, again, to spread the word arou

what happened?

Looks like EPL isn't the only place we see coaches' resignations (ie: Keegan left Newcastle, Curbishley left West Ham) lately. Saswadimata Dasuki quit Sengkang as well with the question going on everybody's mind is - what's actually happened after both sides given their side of the story?

For the Passion and Love for the game NOT money.

A game of Rugby Sevens (file) Sometimes you really have to appreciate why the Rugby Union, until recent years, stubbornly resisted the temptation of embracing professionalism. Rugby players are forbidden from being paid to play the game. The disagreement over that rule led to one of the biggest splits in sports history when rugby clubs in northern England broke away from the south and eventually developed into their own 13-a-side game (aka Rugby League) in 1895. The game of football, on the other hand, took a slightly different path and gradually integrated professionalism as a means of maintaining its popularity. Unfortunately, today, it has become a toy of mega-riches and a tool of exploitation for anyone with a motive. In the modern game, player power is raging, with players dictating almost every aspect of the game. Players with more fame are more marketable and, of course, bring in a lot of cash that will enrich the club. Thus, it is no surprise that clubs and corporate sponsors a

Happy Birthday, coach Hiroaki!!

Hope it's not too late but I would like to say a "Happy Birthday" to Albirex's coach Hiroaki Hiraoka. What a way to mark the celebration with an upset victory over the defending champions SAFFC at their own backyard, Jurong East Stadium. Post match celebration was marked by the serving of cream to the birthday boy (as pictured above). Once again, Happy Birthday coach..