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Watching 3 straight losses on a roll...

.. is something not everybody would want to see, especially a team like Home Utd. The Protectors are pretty unlucky right from the start of the year. The departure of several players end of last season (either transfer or retired) had definitely signaled a new era at Bishan stadium. Nobody would want to be in the shoes of its Hungarian coach Zolts Bucs. Things can't be help when national players like Indra Sahdan and Lionel Lewis were heavily involved with the national team during the early period of the year. When we heard the sad tales that it's Hungarian imports can't adapt to the local environment, I guessed must be something Bucs had yet to expect as these guys were brought in by him. So with a much depleted setup, this Home Utd we seen presently is a sad reminder of it's glorious past, at least at this moment. Of course, we got to be fair to the team due to the problems it faces. However, looking from another angle, should this be an excellent opportunity for the


Absolutely crap game of football.. Just absolutely crap, was just wondering why are we spending our precious night watching that crap display of the beautiful game, which turned absolutely sour right from the start. The players weren't doing their job in providing the entertainment for those who paid their wages! The cheering from the official cheer group weren't doing the job either. The drumming were poor, the cheering, dance routine remained static and lifeless. The announcer flopped big time, which l wonder why he is still around? He can't pronounced the players' name in full ("Sutee Suksomkit" become "Suteeeeee....") despite being around for the past few years!! I guess any newcomer would have done a much better job!! The referee was equally at fault for his poor handling of the match. Just absolutely CRAP!! (So what's the point of telling the world that Home Utd just lost 0-2 to Hong Kong's Sun Hei, hours ago??)

Sultan of Selangor Cup 2006

Initially when this event was first staged five years back, I was skeptic whether if this annual match featuring the best of Singapore and Selangor football, would ever stir the interest like the Malaysia Cup did in the past. The year before last when MPPJ (represented the state of Selangor) played the S-League selection at Kallang, more than 40,000 turned out for that fixture. Last year, I was told sizable crowd were there too at Shah Alam. Before the main event, fans were treated to a game featuring star players from the yesteryear, which the visiting Selangor triumphed over their hosts 1-2. A fan watching the veterans' match in progress Though not as intensive as they used to be more than 20 years back, these legends must be glad that there they were playing against each other once again, on the same pitch like they did back in the 70's HRH the Sultan of Selangor was there to grace the occasion. Unfortunately, it was an one-sided event that didn't complement the royal p

Great Week for the underdogs

Here's a pretty short thought for this week. Geylang finally broke their barren spell in mid week with a single goal win over the Gombak Bulls. While, the wooden spoonists Sengkang Punggol notched their first point of the season , with a draw against the mighty SAFFC on the "dreaded" Jalan Besar surface. At the end of the week, Balestier Khalsa secured a hard fought win over their neighbours from across the Braddell Road, Home United. Last but not least, the Young Lions extended their lead at the top of the pack with a victory over the defending champions Tampines Rovers. Rather interesting here the teams mentioned were deemed the underdogs and pretty rare to see them hodged the headlines in such an unison manner. Well Done, guys