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Back to the Platform ... but denied from entering

Followed up from my last visit to the Floating Platform , I decided to drop in for another photo session from the playing surface. Little did I expected that the place is sealed off from public because of the preparation of the "Countdown" party. "(I) thought it was cancelled ? I got the news from the internet." I told the security lady-in-charge, after she explained why the platform was sealed from public. Nonetheless, she was kind enough to direct me to another spot for my photo-taking (above, though it wasn't the desired spot for me at all, ok then let's not spoil the Christmas mood). I was at the platform because of the news below. But before that the relevant authority and organizers shall resolve these grouses below. As I finished my session at the side of the platform and proceed to take train to somewhere else, I passed by at probably the most valuable green belt of this island - Padang (below). "How about have it at Padang, instead?" as th

How "Google" made me a GUNMAN!!!

The screen shot of the translated page. I didn't undergo the BMT during my NS due to my visual handicap but somehow misinterpretation of Google Translate had made me a GUNMAN!! Just take a look at the screen shot of one of the recent blog entry on the "Floating Platform" (above). Unfortunately, due to the shortcoming and lack of human touch of this translator, the text "take this shot" was mistranslated as “开枪” (literary means "open fire", "take a GUN shot") whereas what I meant was "take this photo shot". I hope I had made myself clear as I don't wish to see myself being barred from entering the platform because of this blooper and please verify the translated text each time you used this translator!! Thank you for your kind attention..

So this is gonna be our HOME... (the PLATFORM)

The bland outlook of the facade of the Platform ... for the next few years until the completion of the much-touted SportsHub in mid-2011. Initially, I thought this marvel structure is out-of-bound, only later I was informed you can simply walk in anytime like nobody business (thanks Shamir for your tip-off), despite the barricades and all the stuff loaded at the basement of the main stand (for the upcoming F1 race.) Multi-colour plastic seats are the trademark of the platform. The Singapore Flyer The famed Singapore Skyline And there we have it, located right in between the two landmarks - the Singapore Flyer and the fame Singapore skyline, if the actions on the field is NOT gonna entice the spectators, at least they will be given a choice to visual remedy by these two landmarks. I think the red sector of the main stand will be reserved for the VVIPs and their guests, since from where I positioned to take this shot, this is supposedly to be the best seat of the house (remember the Pre

If they want it, come and have it but they must pay for it...

I read that those guys in London still refused to give up their plan to stage that controversial "39th" game outside England . Like many parochial-mined football fans, I don't favour this sort of "invasion" as the potential of having a staple of "holiday football" is eminent. Picture credit: Wikipedia However, having watched the annual National Day Parade held on the 9th August, at the "Floating Platform" (pictured above), my stand somehow tweaked a bit. Ok, ok, hold your knives and rotten eggs that are aiming at me. Tweaked in a sense that I'm NOT accepting the proposal for that "39th" game to be played in this region but how about having a showcase event of top class football action on the platform whenever is convenient? A break from the conventional ambience of playing in a surrounded arena is the point we need to sell in order to entice some of the biggest names in football to play on it. Now, take a look at the locatio