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Friendly: SAFFC 3-0 Young Lions

Was at the Choa Chu Kang Stadium to watch the match between SAFFC and Young Lions. The Young Lions, being the core of this year's SEA Games squad, had shown that the lack of experience and skill maturity can make up by the sheer display of hard work and strong desire to do well, as suggested by coach Terry Pathmanathan. While for SAFFC, despite the absence of most of their Lions, they still managed to chalk up the 3-0 win, only got their act together in the second half after found it tough to crack the Young Lions' defence in the first. PICTURES FROM THE MATCH Frankly speaking, the backdrop of the private housing estate does make Choa Chu Kang is picturesque place to watch the game, although I was told the residents aren't too please whenever there's any training too near their place. Probably, these residents still perceived the game is less in-term of " social dignity " eh?

The Aftermath of the brawl between Lions and the Jordanians

I'm not harping on that infamous incident that took place after we beat the Jordanians on the 28th Jan 2009 . But I would like to know since this brawl had already been reported to the Police and statements had been taken from relevant parties, how is the authority going to follow-up from this point? Should there be any further assistance on this matter required from the Jordanians, does this mean they were have to haul back to Singapore for that? I'm perplexed for the fact that a Jordanian official suggested that this matter should be sorted out by the Asian Football Confederation (FA), the Jordanian FA and FAS, and questioned the necessity of having the Police being involved! Just put it this way, should a limb or arm being injured or a life being lost (sorry for being that extreme), the offender can go scot-free since the law-enforcer is not involved in the whole proceeding?

update on Jalan Besar's surface...

Just don't ask when was the picture taken.. I just walked in, snap a shot and "cabut"... Hopefully it will not caused any sort of unnecessary injury like those Khairul Amri claimed...

Instant Reaction : Singapore 2-1 Jordan

Sometimes at games, these are the kind of creatures anyone would never appreciate their presence. The creature in question was teasing and jeering throughout the game that I felt "it" (not he) ought to be singled-out.. Anyway back to the game just now... I can't be bother to ask where were the rest who turned out last month for the Suzuki Cup match against Vietnam but the 6,188 (or 6,187 minus that "creature") fans who were there just now were given a much improved display by the Lions. The lining up of the players... True to his words, coach Raddy axed several established players from the starting lineup with SAFFC's Shaiful Esah given his first starting lineup at home against the Jordanians. By dropping the much-under fire Precious Emuejeraye, Daniel Bennett was moved to the center-back position with Shaiful on his left. 'kepeer Hassan Sunny was given the starting role as well after Lionel Lewis didn't joined in the full training on the

Social Dignity

Saw this article on "Voices" of TODAY by chance. The writer was talking about the recent plan of having school sports getting "prime-time" slot on the television and linked it to a recent report mentioned on The New Paper, why top schools like Raffles Institute, whom two of our Prime Ministers are their alumni, and St Joseph Institute cannot provide football as one of the CCA sports. "Social Dignity" is the key word the writer mentioned, did he hit the nail or just his own opinion?

Training session on the 2nd day of Lunar New Year (prepare against the Jordanians)

Was at the National Stadium again to see how the preparation for the game against the Jordanians the following day. Good to see guys like Aleksandar Duric, Khairul Amri back in training with Hariss Harun doing some light workout at the sidelines with trainer Aleksandar Bozenko. Much of the training were dealt with "set-pieces" and match practices. PICTURES FROM THE SIDELINES Aide Iskandar?? hmmm...... The Jordanians had their training session after the Lions had theirs, nothing much to share about it's more of getting used to the dried surface and doing some passing of the ball around.

Friendly: Sengkang Punggol 2-1 Home United

Was at Hougang Stadium just now to check the team everybody is talking about - Sengkang Punggol FC. Having been the whipping boys for the past few seasons, the Hougang-based team decided that it's time to ditch aside that tag and prove everyone they are capable to show the rest what they can do. PICTURES FROM THE MATCH "You brought over the ritual as well, eh.." I joked with Jörg Steinebrunner, the Sengkang coach about this "gather around" ritual (as depicted above) we seen at Woodlands when Jörg was in charge. "OK guys, make sure you're properly attired even this is only friendly" as the match officials briefed the players before the start. "No photo, please!!" joked Peres De Oliveira (second from the left), while taking the photo, with Fadzuhasny Juraimi (on Peres's right), Itimi Dickson (on his left) and captain S Subramani (on the extreme right.) Former teammates at club and national level, S Subramani won the coin-toss and the ki

how "overseas" supporters view our 6-0 defeat to Iran

The NEW Paper seek some opinions from overseas fans about their view on the national team's recent defeat to the Iranians... Not bad eh.. as our football did attract some attentions from these overseas football lovers BUT hey, take a look .. it's not your usual "Jones" or "Taylors'. They must be from across the Causeway...yet we must be appreciative for their opinions...Thank you guys :)

Friendly: Balestier Khalsa 0-2 Woodlands Wellington

Was at the Toa Payoh Stadium to check out Balestier Khalsa and Woodlands Wellington. In an unusual format, the match was split into three halves with 30 minutes each which in the end saw Englishman Daniel Hammond, signed from the Young Lions, scored the only goals to seal the game for the Rams. PICTURES FROM THE MATCH The customary handshakes before the kick-off. The Tigers' bench in the foreground, while the Woodlands' at the back. FROM THE SIDELINE... Despite only arrived in Singapore on the day before, new Woodlands coach Nenad Bacina (above) is confident of putting up a good show for the upcoming season. After leaving Singapore in 2004, former SAFFC skipper Bacina, at one time, served as a coaching adviser to M-League side, PDRM and earned himself a UEFA "A" license coaching badge while back in Croatia. Jeykanth Jeyapal , the Woodlands club manager has some exciting plans lining up for the new season, such as setting up a soccer academy based in the Woodlands regi

Instant Reaction : Iran 6-0 Singapore (edited)

Lionel Lewis prepared to take the goal kick . "Is it fair to say when one moment of madness would define the outcome of a game?" I'm not sure if that's a fair statement but somehow that's the tendancy of people trying to find a scapegoat when things went horribly wrong. Ismail Yunos was one being singled out, by netizens, as one such "scapegoat" when he was sent off for a illegal tackle made and saw he received the marching order. Youtube clip of Ismail being sent off... Unforeseen circumstance like this saw the Lions had to reshuffle any game plan laid out by coach Raddy, who I was told being very pissed for such foul committed by Ismail. As the result, the whole game plan was derailed with players forcing to adjust to the hastily-changed tactics and not to mention the freezing Tehran weather that crippled the boys. 6-0, that was the scoreline and number of defensive lapses saw the second-stringer Iranian walloped us... " EDMW " folks made the