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Friendly: Sengkang Punggol 2-1 Home United

Was at Hougang Stadium just now to check the team everybody is talking about - Sengkang Punggol FC.

Having been the whipping boys for the past few seasons, the Hougang-based team decided that it's time to ditch aside that tag and prove everyone they are capable to show the rest what they can do.


"You brought over the ritual as well, eh.." I joked with Jörg Steinebrunner, the Sengkang coach about this "gather around" ritual (as depicted above) we seen at Woodlands when Jörg was in charge.

"OK guys, make sure you're properly attired even this is only friendly" as the match officials briefed the players before the start.

"No photo, please!!" joked Peres De Oliveira (second from the left), while taking the photo, with Fadzuhasny Juraimi (on Peres's right), Itimi Dickson (on his left) and captain S Subramani (on the extreme right.)

Former teammates at club and national level, S Subramani won the coin-toss and the kick-off, with ex-Lions skipper Aide Iskandar, now assistant coach-cum-skipper of Sengkang Punggol looked on.

This is the free-kick that led to the first goal of the match.

Itimi Dickson was on trial with Home United in this match.. Good to see you back, man...

This is a close-up cropped shot of this goal-mouth action (Wish I have a DSLR camera, any sponsor??)

Coach Jörg Steinebrunner glad that his charges are moving in the right direction, hope to enforce the team's mentality to go out for a win every time they play and build a team for the future for the club.

I would say the new Dolphins' striker, Anthony Christpher Bahadur, with his physical presence upfront and his positioning will be an asset to the team, provided he's well supported by another new signing of the club, Murphy Wiredu, who looks equally impressive with his supporting role behind the strikers.


  1. That pic of Aide and Mani.. damn good shot sia. Worth printing and framing if you ask me.

  2. Hi Firdaus..

    Thanks.. it's not that often you have 2 legendary players standing side-by-side..

  3. Does Jorg know about this site, Pohui?

    He might want to buy a photo frame too!


    Paul G

  4. Hi Paul..

    Not to worry, I emailed Jorg using this blog email he should be aware of this "nosy" blogger :P

  5. This time, the lcuky nos r from the corner kick, right :P

    See 7 nos to buy :)


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