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Clenched Fist To Be Unclenched

It is not as if we want to dig up the past or flog a dead horse but having witnessed what happened for the past few weeks, anyone will feel that fist-clenching bitterness of the sorry state of Singapore football. Prior to the landmark election that took place last Saturday and saw Lim Kia Tong's slate and their aligned candidates voted into the 15-member Football Association of Singapore (FAS) Council , the main organ of the local game governing body, the whole fraternity was rocked by the raids conducted by the police on offices of FAS, Tiong Bahru FC, Hougang United, etc. Lawyer Lim Kia Tong is the first elected FAS supremo since 1965 The shocking development of events that unfolded since the night before Good Friday cast a shadow on last Saturday’s poll with calls to postpone it  after defeated presidential candidate Bill Ng, former FAS president Zainudin Nordin, and FAS General Secretary Winston Lee were interviewed and later released on bail  by authorities following t

Intriguing Moments Leading to the Landmark Moment on 29/4/17

Something in local football needs to be fixed The election scheduled for the office bearers to the main organ of the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) is meant to be a watershed moment for the beleaguered sport in this country that has been besieged by woes with no solution within sight. Stagnancy on and off the field had further stalled any effort to lift the game out of the doldrums when there is not a clear direction to govern the sport's state of affairs since the government-appointed provisional council  could not make any strategic decision on major matters before their term ended at the end of last month. When caught in a situation like this, it is hardly a surprise that nobody wants to "act like a hero" to get their hands dirty to fix the loose ends with such a mammoth task given, in spite of some individuals came forward ( source 1 , source 2 ) before their enthusiasm fizzled out due to reasons only known to themselves. Nonetheless, by the closing

"Vote For The New Beginning. Vote For The Future Of Singapore Football"

The "FAS Game Changers" It is the determination to stop the rot in Singapore football that saw the assembling of the "FAS Game Changers" - a slate headed by Hougang United chairman Bill Ng for the upcoming landmark election that will see 44 eligible delegates to vote in a new 15-member Football Association of Singapore (FAS) Council at the end of the month. "We are not quick fixer!" said Ng in his opening address at the unveiling of his slate and manifesto at The Clifford Pier before he went further to outline what he and his team plan to do if being voted into office on the 29th of April. One of the first things to be looked into is the administrative issues which the businessman did not mince his words when he blasted the current FAS administrators for having "a huge coordinating problem in the secretarial office" that he felt "they don't know what they're doing". Hougang United Chairman Bill Ng However, he added