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Not Even Started, Already Feel Like Giving Up ...

The building up to the new season hardly inspired and everything just looks like damp squib that no one seems to be looking forward to the 2019 campaign. JUST SOME LAME EXCUSES BY SOME  Is it because of the continuing domination by a mainly youth-based Albirex Niigata (Singapore) in recent years which is being used as an excuse by some to extend their boycott by not coming to games with a number of them are making hell lot of noise on the lack of glamour in the league? But when these people choose to stay away and let the terraces become a white elephant, how are we going to convince players of certain quality to come and play in our league? It is just that some out there chosen to be blinded by what they heard and read based on "first impression last"? Our clubs were overwhelmed by the clubs across the bridge in preseason Or is it nothing newsworthy of late to generate awareness to fire people's imagination? Somehow or rather, the recent domination of the Wh