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Not Even Started, Already Feel Like Giving Up ...

The building up to the new season hardly inspired and everything just looks like damp squib that no one seems to be looking forward to the 2019 campaign.

Is it because of the continuing domination by a mainly youth-based Albirex Niigata (Singapore) in recent years which is being used as an excuse by some to extend their boycott by not coming to games with a number of them are making hell lot of noise on the lack of glamour in the league?

But when these people choose to stay away and let the terraces become a white elephant, how are we going to convince players of certain quality to come and play in our league? It is just that some out there chosen to be blinded by what they heard and read based on "first impression last"?

Our clubs were overwhelmed by the clubs across the bridge in preseason
Or is it nothing newsworthy of late to generate awareness to fire people's imagination?

Somehow or rather, the recent domination of the White Swans should be considered a blessing in disguise to tell us how much we have fallen behind in all aspects and embarrassment continues when none of our local sides recorded a win against those MSL/MPL clubs in their preseason trip across the bridge.

No point of arguing stuff like results being secondary in preseason, the Malaysians "have more imports and started their preparation earlier", these are merely excuses that cannot deny the fact the slump is ongoing judging from some of big margin losses incurred by those touring clubs.

We heard about what was happening at Hougang United of late with the termination of Rafael Ramazotti's contract and recruitment of Singapore international Faris Ramli who was released by Malaysian side Perlis FA without kicking a ball competitively.

Faris Ramli signed for Hougang United 
If these were to happen elsewhere outside this dot, it would have flooded and generated views and discussions expressed on them but it was not the case when these were restricted within a constrained perimeter of the local fraternity.

Outside this constrained fraternity, no one seems to be bothered or lift their eyelids to take a look at these occurrences.

More than often these days, given the proliferation of the social media platforms many clubs would prefer to announce major occurrences on their own thus deemed extra media coverage provided externally something of a redundancy.

Some fans criticized media only reported on negative stuff and left blemishes on the scene.

But the point is, who would want their dirty linens to be washed in the public when it is the only to serve as a reminder that things are always being observed and scrutinized, rather than left it unchecked and getting from bad to worse.

Clubs taking over most of the media work on their own
And if things are that good, why should anyone plastered them cosmetically to make looked so fake?

The season have not even started and I already feel like throw in the towel for having to face the same issues day in and out with no viable remedy within sight to stop the rot.


  1. It had to get worse before it gets better. We will progress from here :)


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