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[Telegram Chat] - Malaysia Cup "is important" to Singapore Football

πŸ™ Thanks for joining in the FB live streaming on 18th February . πŸ”— When we talk about Singapore Football , we can't run away without mentioning Malaysia Cup because of the long association with it. "The Malaysia Cup" was published in 1991 πŸ† After all, Singapore was the first winner of this competition in 1921 and the team with the second-highest winning percentage in this tournament. πŸ“– And the same time, I shared some rare photos and old publications like a book on Malaysia Cup authored by Mr Godfrey Robert , a few copies of "Singapore Soccer", etc. πŸ‘΄ Based on the June 1976 edition of "Singapore Soccer" monthly, I am confident to say legendary coach "Uncle" Choo Seng Quee would rather win the Pre-World Cup qualifier final against Hong Kong than win the Malaysia Cup in 1977. A copy of "Singapore Soccer" Monthly 🏒 Copies of "Singapore Soccer" monthly and book authored by Mr Robert can be found at National Library

Why Malaysia Cup "IS IMPORTANT"?

Why is it so? Read on  It was the right decision for me not to snap in the recently concluded AFF Suzuki Cup , which I would like to show my greatest appreciation to Mr Jaron Lee for helping this platform when I felt I was not physically and mentally prepared for that regional marquee tournament. In the meantime, we also noticed the increased presence of "fan-based media" like myself during the abovementioned tournament who also have been actively churning out content for the past one, two years. The emergence of these new players is a welcome sight, and it is also a constant reminder to me that the need to be innovative in order to stay relevant in the field. BEING SELECTIVE NOW I thought with the proliferation of social media tools which are now seen as a "must-have" for many organizations and individuals, information posted on these new media domains can be shared, re-curated by other platforms easily . This is why weeks right after the end of the 2021 Singapore

[Telegram Chat] - BRING BACK "ALL-STAR" GAME!

The outcome of the poll  In a recent poll conducted on the platform's IG story, 89% indicated their wish to see a Singapore Premier League "All-Star" game. There were a few such games that took place during the S.League era in the form of "local" vs "foreign" setting, for example, 1998's "The New Paper Cup" and the "Tiger Beer S-League All-Star Challenge" in 1999. WHITBREAD SCORED THE WINNER IN 1998 "The New Paper Cup", which included the initiative of "Save Jurong Campaign", saw the "Rest of the World" (foreign) beat "S-League Locals" 3-2 after extra time with the winning goal scored by the then outgoing national coach Barry Whitbread, who doubled up as "Rest of the World" player-coach, at the demolished Jurong Stadium in front of more than 5,000 paying fans back in 28th November 1998. FAHMIE VOWED TO SNIP HIS PONYTAIL The following year saw the staging of the "Tiger Beer S