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New milestone for BoLASEPaKO

Ok lah... It was not some sort of milestone but just a trial on publishing this post via email. It was because not long ago, l borrowed a book on blogging from the library that I only came to realise that posting via the email is possible. Unfortunately, the example shown in the book only illustrated how it was done using test but it didn't mentioned if included picture with text is possible, so by having posted the comical illustration of myself (pictured on the left), then l finally know the outcome. (P.s: Apparently, posting via email can only be done in text, so the picture was included later through the dashboard)

Queenstown stadium - the forgotten site

Isn't it sad? This ground located in Queenstown used to be the base of one of the best supported and established team of this country. Since Tanjong Pagar decided not to take part in the league in 2005 due to financial difficulties, residents around the Queenstown stadium have not seen S.League football since. Sometimes, l been wondering what could have gone wrong with this team that used to have players like David Lee, V Sundramoorthy (during the time when they were known as Tiong Bahru), Steven Tan, Lim Tong Hai, S Subramani, Samawira Basri, Dragan Talajic and so many of them that l could not name them all. Despite no longer playing in the S.League (for the time being), much of the remnants of the Jaguars still remain behind as a reminder of a sad past, while still waiting for the day to come and witness the return of the red-white stripped troop that thrilled the fans for years. (While at the ground, been asking around if the club is still functioning, the replies were pretty u

Some of the You and me at the stands

The idea was not to see or anticipate an exciting match but to mingle among the crowds at the opposite end of the park.  Some of these fans are probably the "real" ones of the crowd, they tend to be pretty abusive during the match since the stakes are pretty high.  So much so they took upon the role of that as the coach, the referee, and the linesmen. View from the opposite of the main stand of Bishan stadium    Shouting and making their presence felt through the "colourful language" used. When things were not going their way, they threw their arms in the air, stomped their feet on the ground to vent their frustration.  The only thing that pleases these folks is when things went their way (i.e: a goal is scored).  Those are probably the only time we see these folks cheering and brimming with smiles on their faces.  It's just the common sight at the grounds all around the world.  They can be someone just like you and me or someone we know, filling up the stands

What a forgetful night....(for Rams)

(Kengne Ludovic's spot-kick took the lead for the Tigers) It was definitely a better match as compared to the previous night (Tuesday) at Bishan. The controvesial Agu Casmir made his debut for the Woodlands Rams, coming on as a second half replacement. Not sure if the fans are actually cheering or mocking the Nigerian-born former international, by chanting his name "Agu, Agu" whenever he touched the ball or making any attempt upfront (ironically, the word "gu" in Agu actually mean "cow" in Hokkien.) Glad to see 'keeper Fajar Sarib back into the starting line-up for Balestier. First made his presence felt years back when he was unexpectely thrushed into limelight as the replacement for disgraced Abdul Malek, having last played for Home Utd after he was transferred from the Toa Payoh club. Sad to say though it was not a cleverest move of all as he slowly faded away from the scene before return to the Tiger's den this year. The 2-2 draw was a f

Here's the first (brief) account of the Season 2006

(Albirex's players warming up before the start of the match ) The official figure read 4946 That's how many people turned out at Jalan Besar stadium for the first game of the season. Somehow, Young Lions' swift counter-attack game that did so well against Shahzan Muda failed to make its presence felt against the White Swans. Wasn't really a pretty game to usher us to the new season. So much so celebrity referee Dave Roberts tortured the folks at the stands, by extended the add-on time from 3 to 5 minutes before signalled the end of first half. I am not sure if the artificial turf is to be blamed for the scrappy play for the night. Unpredictable pace of the ball coupled with high bounces that goes with it as both teams struggled to come to term with the pocession. Nonetheless, new signing Qiu Li saved the day for the host when he 90 th minute strike leveled the score after Albirex took the lead slightly past the hour mark at 66 th minute. (Albirex

Let's get the show on

Alright,alright ... Enough of the controversies that clogged the pages for the past few days. Frankly speaking, I'm sure the fans are sick and tire of reading the same thing day in and out. Simultaneously, the teams were being introduced to the media over the past week. While Albirex coach lchiro Otsuka did not made the bold proclamation like he did last year (which he claimed his speech last year was "lost in translation"), his Sporting Afrique counterpart Balasubramaniam sounded confident in achieving the top-three position. Citing his team's work rate and attitude, the rookie head coach believe it's possible. I wish them the best of luck, of course as much they don't want to draw comparison but that was what almost similarly Sinchi promised us in the first place too. I breathe a sign of relief that so far no coach belittle his own team like Chow Kwai Lam did to his hapless Paya Lebar Punggol, something that is uncalled for especially from someone like Chow.