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Let's get the show on

Alright,alright ...

Enough of the controversies that clogged the pages for the past few days.

Frankly speaking, I'm sure the fans are sick and tire of reading the same thing day in and out.

Simultaneously, the teams were being introduced to the media over the past week.

While Albirex coach lchiro Otsuka did not made the bold proclamation like he did last year (which he claimed his speech last year was "lost in translation"), his Sporting Afrique counterpart Balasubramaniam sounded confident in achieving the top-three position.

Citing his team's work rate and attitude, the rookie head coach believe it's possible.

I wish them the best of luck, of course as much they don't want to draw comparison but that was what almost similarly Sinchi promised us in the first place too.

I breathe a sign of relief that so far no coach belittle his own team like Chow Kwai Lam did to his hapless Paya Lebar Punggol, something that is uncalled for especially from someone like Chow.

Another sign of relief is the drop from the list - the use of Jurong stadium, which need not for me to say why.

There's always one interesting aspect that really make me wonder - the salary cap.

In order to allow clubs to employ better quality players, the salary cap is increased from $64k per month to $71k per month.

The questions how many clubs can afford to spend this much?

It's an open secret that numbers of the clubs are struggling to balance their books.

It's not odd to heard these clubs actually operate SOLELY on the grants handed out by FAS.

Thus, news and stories on how salaries were delayed, does happen on and off.

Into it's 11th season, it's a miracle that the League still survived despite these nagging predicament.

While we hope things will gradually improve, let's once again hope season 2006 is a one to remember not forget.


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