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"Abang" Taking Charge in November

Fandi Ahmad will take charge of the Suzuki Cup campaign It was a mere formality when the earlier press conference was called to announce Young Lions coach Fandi Ahmad as the man in charge of the Singapore National Team for the upcoming AFF Suzuki Cup campaign in November. This hastily-arranged media gathering more or less confirmed a Straits Times'  report that appeared days ago which suggested the former Singapore skipper “will hold the fort for the national team while the search continues for the coach who will lead the Lions on a permanent basis”. So when the panel that comprised Messrs Lim Kia Tong (FAS president), Edwin Tong (FAS vice-president), Yazeen Buhari (FAS Acting General Secretary), and Fandi, himself, took their seats before the start of the event, the awaiting media at the venue already knew what was on the agenda. Fandi spoke to the media after the presser “I am really excited about the new Suzuki Cup format,” said the one-time FC Groningen striker o

If we love and cherish him, please don't destroy him

I shall not comment on the 2-0 loss to the Filipinos , since I wasn't there in the first place due to the work. At this point in time that whenever a result like this would cause a massive outcry , a name would always come to the picture and hailed him as the one and only hope for Singapore football. Who else but Fandi Ahmad  (pictured below) whom they have been crying for all these while to urge the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) to rope him in to replace the under-fire long-serving Serbian Raddy Avramovic? "Abang" is now with Johor FA Yes, we see him as an icon, a national hero, a living legend, and a messiah, who will lift us out of the doldrums (as many would feel this way for being who he is). Yet, do we all think it's fair for him now? If we all love and cherish him, please don't let our selfish acts taint his legacy and we have to ask ourselves if we are doing anything right in the first place to get him back as we did in 1993?

A chat with the cabby...

A random chit-chat in a taxi "So why are you heading there (to the stadium)?" asked the friendly taxi driver, as he began this conversation to kick start the journey after I boarded a cab on my way to Choa Chu Kang Stadium the other day (as I was rushing for time).  "I'm there for a game" I replied "Ah... I see, the last time, l was there for one of the election rallies, hahaha" joked the cabbie. "So, is there a match going on?" asked this cabbie. "Yes, there is, it's between SAF and Balestier." l said. "Oh OK.. you see, I used to watch a few games at the beginning, with my son, who was young at that time " as we drove along BKE after exiting from PIE (if I didn't mix up the names of the expressways) "Back then, the crowd was passionate as there was no gambling (the legalized betting) involved but nowadays it seems that there are more punters than real fans at the stadium" commented the taxi driver.  Agre