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A chat with the cabby...

I boarded a cab on my way to Choa Chu Kang Stadium on the other day (as I was rushing for time).

"So why are you heading there (to the stadium)?" asked the friendly taxi driver, as he begun this conversation to kick start the journey.

"I'm there for a game" I replied

"Ah.. I see, the last time, l was there for one of the election rallies, hahaha" joked the cabbie.

"So, is there a match going on?" asked this cabbie

"Yes, there is, it's between SAF and Balestier" l said.

"Oh OK.. you see, I used to watch a few games at the beginning, with my son, who was young at that time " as we drove along BKE after exit from PIE (if I didn't mixed up the names of the expressways)

"Back then, the crowd were passionate as there was no gambling (the legalized betting) involved but nowdays it seems that there are more punters than real fans at the stadium" commented the taxi driver.

Agreed with that point (as referred to my earlier post "Some of the You and me at the stands ").

"So how much we need to pay to see the game?" the cabby enquired

"Well, it's five dollars, while at The Young Lions' home game at Jalan Besar, school-going kids is free admission " I replied (P.s: Please correct me if I'm wrong about this fact.)

"What? Young Lions play at Jalan Besar!" the cabby sounded surprised when I told him that.

"So Fandi still the coach of SAFFC?" that's probably the last main question he asked before I alighted at the entrance of the basement car park of the stadium.

"Nope, he's with the Young Lions now." I said, before handed over my fare to him.

It looked as if it's a normal chat but it still highlighted a nagging problem - the lack of awareness among some Singaporean football fans, towards the S.League.


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