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About This Blog

This was how "BoLASEPaKO" first looked like in 1996

The purpose of this blog is to share with the world "my simple view on Singapore soccer".

"BoLASEPaKO" traced its roots back to the end of the debut season of the S-League, way back in 1996. As you can see from the picture above (the first edition date 19 Dec 1996).

Subsequently, "BoLASEPaKO" switched from website format to a blog format for archival purposes in October 2005.
The masthead of the blog with the old National Stadium as the backdrop

After 11 years of existence, this humble platform of mine finally got a "DOTCOM" at its rear (with the title bar pictured above to mark the occasion on 1st January 2008).

Over the years, this blog has been striving to generate the kind of awareness and passion since those heydays when Singapore was still playing the Malaysia Cup.

And with the help of social media tools like "FACEBOOK" and "TWITTER", this blog has managed to engage with fellow local football supporters in discussing and exchanging ideas on relevant topics that help to formulate some of the entries in this blog.

To enhance the visibility of the blog, it's a common sight to see me wearing "BOCAP" (pictured above) while covering any game or event.

Winning the "Star Sports Blogger" in March 2010 (pictured above with a full-page feature on The New Paper) is definitely the most gratifying moment in my blogging career and it helps to motivate me in my work in promoting local football.

To be nominated for the "Picture of the Year" award in the 2011's S.League Award is another milestone in my blogging career as my picture titled "The Defining Moment From The Flank” (hold by the blogger as pictured below) was shot using the most basic DSLR lenses as compared to rest of those nominees equipped by much-sophisticated equipment.

I was nominated for the "Picture of the Year" category in the FAS Nite 2018 with the submission of this picture titled "SHELL-SHOCKED".

"SHELL-SHOCKED" was nominated for the "Picture of the Year" category in FAS Nite 2018


We support the preservation of Singapore’s documentary heritage with web archiving by the National Library, Singapore

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