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The move is necessary...

Few hours ago, I posted a message on "twitter" , my FACEBOOK wall and the blog's FB wall that read "Major announcement to be made pertaining some restructuring of "" setup, stay tuned" It's not this blog is searching for a new writer as suggested by a friend, nor it was closing down or being bought over by someone (wish it was the case though). Rather, it is more of some changes that are going to be implemented which I think are deemed necessary to ensure this blog to be more accessible to more visitors. THE ANNOUNCEMENT... As on this day-4th May 2011 (Singapore time), the blog FACEBOOK GROUP (hereby call the "GROUP") will cease and migrate its entire operating to a FACEBOOK PAGE ("PAGE") format (pictured below). The main reason for such migration to be taken place is after exhausted its mean to remedy the problem that denied some users (included yours truly) to access the GROUP via their mobile gadget (ie: iPhone)

阿兄见解 (A point of view from "Big Brother") -EDITED

Duric - 人在江湖,身不由己?   (whose existence in the team beyond his control?) A colleague of me (whom I call him "阿兄"- "Big Brother" in Teochew dialect) offered a different perspective on the current state of the national team a few days ago. "We need a complete overhaul of the system." said my colleague, an avid football follower stayed in Hougang. "Doesn't it tell you a lot things when our frontline still depend on the likes of (Aleksandar) Duric and Indra (Sahdan Daud), who're already in their sunset years as a striker?" he asked. National skipper Indra Sahdan would face the chop if "阿兄" is the national coach. "If I'm the national coach, this are the things I will do!" as he continued. "First, I would set an age limit of 25 for the team, and gradually phrased out those above that age. This is maintain the energy level of the team." "Secondly, I would set a criteria of only those who are

665 on that day and thank you so much :)

Thank you very much - that's all I want to say, "Thank you very much". 20th May 2009 shall be remembered as another milestone day for this OMO blog as it registered its biggest number of visits to this site since its launch in December 1996. 665 may be insignificant as compared to top sites like "soccernet" or any established brand but to me it's unimaginable when normally I would be glad if the daily figure is around or close to 100. I promise that I'll try my very best to further improve this blog, please feel free to email me or left a comment on the entries posted to share your views with me. Thank you for your support all along :)

Pre-Season Friendlies for Season 2009

Many Thanks to Mr Bryan Lim, who left a comment on one of my recent postings and included the following dates of some upcoming friendlies of SAFFC - the defending champions 11 Jan 09, 5pm, Clementi Stadium, (SAFFC VS BKFC) 17 Jan 09, Sat, 5pm, CCK Stadium, (SAFFC VS SPFC) 24 Jan 09, Sun, 7:30pm, CCK Stadium. (SAFFC VS Johor FC). Please feel free to catch the Warriors in action...

Geylang Utd's pre season seminar 2009

(P.S: Quite a big percentage of you folks desired for "More Clubs Insights", and so the first post entry will kicked start with one of the clubs.) The trophy cabinet of the club located at the main hall of the clubhouse. I was invited to Geylang United's pre-season seminar, held in their clubhouse, on the first sunday of 2009. I was told that this is an annual event by the club before the start of every season, when players and officials get together to be briefed on the club's visions for the coming campaign. On top of that, the concerned parties were given a series of talks on issues like the laws of the game and legal obligations to be observed by the players by relevant speakers. Mr Ronnie Tan, the club's legal advisor gave talk on the topic titled - "Player Code of Conduct and Professional - Ethics & Corruption - What You Need To Know" to the audience. Mr Visvanathan, Head (FAS Referees Dept) was the next speaker on the "Laws of the Game&q

Ok lah, "Hamtam" and see how lah..

One visitor made the abovementioned comment So, for the benefit for all, I decided to draw out the whole process of it... Hmm... perhaps should I ?? Ok lah, "Hamtam" and see how lah.. "Alrite, we will run your letter, thanks" A "run-through" and see how it is... " " - Raw unedited version of my " " -"mypaper" version (after editing) So based on the TWO versions, able to tell if "mypaper" had done a good job in interpret my views or not??

Wow that's expensive

P.S: Which is why I learnt to appreciate the good thing about blogging, as it's a useful tool to interact with your guests. Below is one such example. Got a feedback from a visitor from Germany (see the cut-out graphic below). This gentleman (or Lady) must have read my earlier entry "Looking for that year-end gift..." and answered my plead by directed me to a link mentioned in his/her reply (Thank you, "tj"). And much to my surprise, I was lead to the page as illustrated below!! Wow!! a collection of the national team jerseys since the "Tiger" days to the current "Nike" Lionhead T-shirt!! (the one I been hunting high and low for it) But based on the current exchange rate (is SG$53.989033) plus the necessary miscellanous charges, I 'm not sure if it's worth the hassle?? As based on the past experience like the one I had, when I first bought THE FINAL SHOWDOWN T-shirt (pictured above), I paid $30 odd for it, only to see the price being

A comment from Down-Under

I will always make it a point to share with you guys, if there's any insteresting feedback from some visitors and below is one of them.. So please feel free to post some comments (if any) so long if you want to.. Thanks :) Got a pleasant surprise days ago when someone from Melbourne dropped a comment on one of the Alex Duric's posts (below) late last year. And this was what he wrote and left a YOUTUBE clip address . And I thought it would be nice to share with you guys the clip (below), though, he did apologized for the poor quality (No worries mate, thanks for sharing) Thank you so much, Paul .. have a nice day..

Some thoughts about "Anonymous" feedback

Weeks ago, someone left this comment (pictured above) on one of the blog entries. It occurred when this Mr "A" (for Anonymous) just could not accept the result after the U-23 defeated the highly-fancied Vietnamese. But the main concern was he mentioned "that thing" (I need not further elaborate as you know what I meant). It seems that more than a decade after Czech Michal Vana cabut (sneaked away) out of the island after "that thing", the effort of wiping out "that thing" is always the top priority of the game's governing body but to erase that mindset of some, it still a long way to go. While I don't wish to dwell on "that thing", rather I would like to say something from another side of it. Because the two own goals that "laid the foundation", thus it was not surprise to have those sceptics threw the darts at Raddy's boys. Though, a friend of me commented that it was the sheer pressure by the Cubs' frontline