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Some thoughts about "Anonymous" feedback

Weeks ago, someone left this comment (pictured above) on one of the blog entries.

It occurred when this Mr "A" (for Anonymous) just could not accept the result after the U-23 defeated the highly-fancied Vietnamese.

But the main concern was he mentioned "that thing" (I need not further elaborate as you know what I meant).

It seems that more than a decade after Czech Michal Vana cabut (sneaked away) out of the island after "that thing", the effort of wiping out "that thing" is always the top priority of the game's governing body but to erase that mindset of some, it still a long way to go.

While I don't wish to dwell on "that thing", rather I would like to say something from another side of it.

Because the two own goals that "laid the foundation", thus it was not surprise to have those sceptics threw the darts at Raddy's boys.

Though, a friend of me commented that it was the sheer pressure by the Cubs' frontline that wreaked the nerves of the Vietnamese that resulted the first two own goals (as I could catch the last 20 minutes of the game at J8's Best Denki).

So fair to say this tactic devised to pressure the Vietnamese worked?

Think about it; put oneself in the shoes of the Vietnamese who were facing the onslaught from the hungry Cubs, who were desperate to rescue their campaign.

One slight bugle (in fact two) would fumble the whole game, which was precisely the case.

So the tactics indeed worked! (Though, credit must be given to Hassan Sunny for almost single-handily stop the Vietnamese from snatching a point towards the end of the game).

So fair, again, to say this tactic devised to pressure the Vietnamese worked?

Hence, the message is that: Doesn't mean a team is better stocked with better skilled players tend to have the advantage.

It all boiled down to the (1) mentality of the team, followed by (2) tactics with (3) skills as a fitting end.

This must be toughest skill to master of all.

Year in and out, we kept having those smaller clubs saying, "Our aim is to finish top 5, 6 of the table" or "we will try our best as you know we don't have big stars in our team", so on and so for.

By saying that, half the battle is lost before the start of it.

Instead of being humble, might as well save everybody's time by withdraw once and for all!

Apparently, the winning mentality is not instilled in most struggling clubs.

Once, a coach told me after a match that how disappointed he was with his imports who failed to lift the team when they supposed to. Out of despair, he made two swift substitutions with two Prime League boys who instantly made their presence felt.

See? It was the hungry mentality that pushed those Prime League boys to perform despite limited time to shine on the top.

If the top of club failed to motivate the players to challenge the limited, it's not surprise to see the familiar teams at the same finishing this coming season.

(P.S: I need to add on something that though I did asked "Super" Reds to be humble at the start of last season, the difference is - they, being a debutant, should be in that way BUT for those already in so many donkey years, such "act of humble" is not acceptable.)

It just that I really pissed to see some teams clearly lack of ambition and unwillingly or willingly to be a "feeder" to those top teams.

"Catenaccio" - as we all know is the dreaded Italian tactic that critics blamed for slowing down the pace of the game because of its defensive leaning approach.

This tactic was devised by minnow Italian clubs during the post-war years, after years of failing to break the dominance of the Milanese clubs, Juventus and etc.

This tactic was proved to be a successful one as it did helped those minnows to cause some upsets when facing any of those top clubs, whom still stuck with the "WM" formation - probably the "grandfather" of all formations.

Which is why at times I wonder what do clubs gained by filming the footage of their next opponents from the stands, prior their encounter? Anything innovative sprung out from this tape analysis?

To think in this era as compared to yesteryears, when coaches had to deploy a "spy" at opponents' match to feed him all the necessary info after which, tape analysis seems an essential must.

Unfortunately, sad to say it didn't help much as week in and out; predictable results just filled the fixture list.

Football is a game that desired for some surprises and intriguing moments, would one bothers to turn up at grounds if the match end "in the same pattern" most of the time?

Time to start cracking your brain and stop those dumb excuses, as nothing is impossible with this instance.

God-gifted plus enormous hard works - enough said.

I would say gifted player is something a bonus to any team (i.e.: Maradona to Napoli) but of course being a team sport like football is, teamwork outweigh everything - that is no player is bigger than his team.

Frankly, never expect to spin out this entry from one comment, but these are the points that flowed out of my mind upon reading that.

But should you have suspicions and dead sure that "that thing" being involved, I would like to suggest you guys doing the following - GO TO CPIB (as extracted from the CPIB website)

"If I intend to report a case to CPIB, what should I do? Where should I go?

You could do the following:

  • Come personally to CPIB at 2, Lengkok Bahru, S(159047), to lodge a complaint to the Duty Officer; or
  • Write a letter to CPIB. You may remain anonymous if you wish; or
  • Make a phone call to the CPIB Duty Officer at 1800 - 376 0000 at any time of the day to make the complaint; or
  • E-mail to CPIB through the CPIB internet website."

I think the guys at Lengkok Bahru will be there to help you, the catch is you can be "anonymous", if not, shut up...


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