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Copyright Information

This Picture was produced using "Bitstrips" (now known as "Bitmoji")


While there were adequate liaising made beforehand on a few occasions, but it has come to my attention lately that some of the pictures I had taken for this blog and those shown on my personal Facebook albums that are made visible via this blog are being used by organizations or whosoever without prior notification or permission from me, the copyright owner of these pictures.

Therefore, I think it's deemed necessary to state this once and for all that - THE COPYRIGHT OF ALL PICTURES AND CONTENT SHOWN ON THIS BLOG is belonged to me or those who took/written them (which I will duly acknowledge them accordingly).

Should you wish to quote me, please kindly attribute it to "" together with my full name "KO PO HUI" (KO is my surname, PO HUI is my given name) with the quote being linked back to the particular entry being extracted. However, whatever is being quoted MUST BE in VERBATIM (strictly NO altering or editing is allowed under any circumstance)

If any individual or organization requires any content or picture from platforms** of (which are belong to me), please kindly email me at to state your intention.

Everyone is always welcome to seek clarification on matters pertaining to the usage of those pictures or contents.

Pleading for your fullest understanding and respect.

Thank you for your kind attention and support along the way. 

With Regards,
Ko Po Hui (the blog owner)

(Updated: 29th of July 2021)

** The platforms referring to this blog and the sites mentioned in the "Social Media" page.

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