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Bet a lot of you are looking for this....

highlights of the much-anticipated match between the Brazilian Olympics team vs the Singapore Selection. Many thanks to " farissen " for allowing me to post this clip from his YOUTUBE directory.. (P.S: is Jo the scorer of the elusive "last goal"?) Little did I know that I was being quoted in a Brazilian football website ( ) as depicted below (in Portuguese). Only then, I recalled this particular Brazilian journo, who earlier seek my help before on an article in February , emailed me for my opinion on the Brazilian training tour. Other than myself, Woodlands' coach Jorg Steinebrunner was quoted as well... (P.S.: the link of the story, in Portuguese of course, "")

Same Feedback - Different writing..(and the reply)

Which is why I would like to highlight a point regarding writing to the feedback/opinion section of any major dailies. A bove: mypaper dated 22nd Jul 2008 A bove: TODAY dated 22nd Jul 2008 As you can see for yourself that both letters were written by the same person "Jason Chiam". However, due to the space constraint or whatsoever reasons, the letter need to be edited before publish them. Which sometimes I don't understand why? I mean those guys, who wrote to the papers, already done their proof-reading and editing before submitting but once in the hands of the editors, who might carelessly re-edit some part of the letter "out-of-context" and tweak the whole story! Anyway, good thing Jason wrote this letter as it prompted the SSC, the landlord of the National Stadium, to reply the query of many (as below).. Thanks a lot, Jason and hope it does answer everyone's question.

Mission BEGINS....

Alright, here it goes... The autograph hunting began with Home United coach Mr PN Sivaji, the national team coach of the 1993 team, at the Bishan Stadium this evening. Please stay tuned to this entry if you are keen to know the progress of the mission. A link to this entry will be placed on the right menu, so that visitors can keep track of the progress (even after this entry is "exit out" of the main page.) THE SIGNING OF THE POSTER... "I have a framed copy of this picture" said Mr Sivaji as he signed on the poster (signed on 23/7/2008). "This is not me, it's my brother!" joked Mr Robert Lim (assistant coach of the 93's team) as he signed on the poster (23/7/2008). (Thanks Clara for the tip off..) The "Dazzler" V Sundramoorthy signed on the '93 poster (3/8/2008). Former national captain Terry Pathmanathan was the first signatory on the '90 poster (3/8/2008) . Tampines Rovers' team manager Syed Faruk claimed the first honou

Back on track again..(used to be:"CONFIRMED: Mission IMPOSSIBLE")

It is with deepest sadness to announce the plan to get the signatures of these players and officials is ABORTED . Because these two posters are LOST .... What a pity. Last seen at Yishun stadium on the 20th July 2008, these two posters were placed and stored in a brown circular hardboard tube-roll, with one end of it covered by a plastic carrier secured by a rubber band. Chances are slim but happen to see whatever it described, please email me if you are happened to holding on to it.. thanks THE FOLLOWING DAY The following day (which is TODAY - 21st July), I decided to call Yishun sports hall (above: picture credit "sha-stallion" )to inform this mishap. Less than an hour later, one of the officers in charge of the Yishun sports complex called and said, "Hello, is this Mr Ko? We found your posters!!!" Man, can you imaging what I happy I was when I got the news? Many thanks to Mr Teo, who called and informed me the good news, and the SSC staff at Yishun Sports Complex

Reminiscing "Tiger 5s"

I was having my lunch a while ago at a foodcourt near where I stayed, and saw the repeat telecast of the "KL 5s" futsal match between Brazil and Argentina. Only then, I realized that how long it is we last saw a high standard display of the indoor version of the game on this island, when the bi-annual "Tiger 5s" was held in the Singapore Indoor Stadium from 1997 to 2001 before the organizers decided to shift to Kuala Lumpur and renamed as "KL 5s". I still recalled when I attended the final day of the event in 1997 (the ticket stub is the proof), how electrifying it was and definitely worth every money paid. In the end, it was the Spaniards who triumphed over the red-hot favourites Brazil in a thrilling final that stretched past 11pm! So when the organizers decided to pull the plug and headed north, I was angst as there's no way I could able to catch such a high-quality display of the 5-a-side version. Since then futsal scene in Singapore seems to be p

Maximize the mileage...

It's not very often for me to be at the downtown area on a weekend morning. So given that rare opportunity I decided to head down to RHB Bank's Jalan Besar Branch for a corporate engagement of national striker Aleksandar Duric moments ago (having read about it on the papers days ago). "How about that - a Superman pose?" These boys were having a good time with Duric. Taking a break and having a chat with the bank officials "Hmm... a banking career reckon after hanging up my boots?" It's a good way to be engaged in such corporate event, why not? It's a win-win situation in a sense that player(s) can get to meet up and close with the fans and the unaware public at places like these, while the corporate entity would see this as an opportunity to publicize their product using alternative means like this (other than print advertisements and TV commercials ads). In the end, it's all about maximize the mileage.. Isn't it? (P.S: Strictly personal opin

Fixing a broken fend...

The Problem... The picture above should tells us the story that why some stadiums are sparsely occupied when these folks can sneak a peek from any of these chinks. The is one of the many methods some folks can watch the game for free. Not much help can be done even with this fencing in place to stop these freeloaders. At some stadiums, due to its strategically location, it's a common sight to see fans catch the game from the comfort of the home! Nobody should be blamed for this unfortunate happening as these grounds weren't built solely for football purpose, rather a venue for the public to have their work-out. Sometimes, I do wonder if this is a problem we choose to ignore? trying to find a remedy to this? or at the wit ends unable to solve the problem? The Solution? But here's one solution I can think of, however, whether is it feasible we would like to see some of clubs keen to take up this proposal. It happened last year, when I read that a large MNC had annual "fa

at the tunnel...

Both Woodlands (in Blue) and SAFFC (white) players heading their way out of the tunnel. It is not very often I get a chance to be at the tunnel right before the teams troop out to the field. I was at the Woodlands Stadium last night, shortly before the guys were making their way out to the pitch. Some friendly gestures like handshaking, tapping and pat on the shoulders, some pleasantries were made among the players (unlike that fight in the tunnel between Man Utd and Arsenal years back!!), who, after all, know among themselves each other pretty well. Among those whom I met was Woodlands' Korean star Park Tae Won. But he was not featured in that game as he is still nursing a calf injury, however he did mentioned that he should be ready for the Rams' next fixture.

Back from Shah Alam and more...

I would say this quite an experience to travel with the group heading north to Shah Alam for the annual "get-together". After all, where and when can you mingled around with the past, present Lions and some of those you only seen them on print or on the TV, listening to some of those funny stories during the Uncle Choo's days? THE ARRIVAL Reception upon arrival at Concorde Shah Alam - our hotel MORE SHOTS at STADIUM SHAH ALAM Imaging the roar of the crowds that will give everyone goosebumps from the angle. Where the VIPs seat. At the pitch side... closing up. The scoreboard... a source of joy and sadness Behind the goal posts Where the media work area, it's a long walk to the loo that would made one wobbly... The fans' tunnel on non-match day. and THE TRAINING SESSION... The hosting team had their training session on the pitch earlier before the visiting team conducted theirs. SELANGOR's Training Session S.LEAGUE SELECTION's Training Session Some basic b