Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Back from Shah Alam and more...

I would say this quite an experience to travel with the group heading north to Shah Alam for the annual "get-together".

After all, where and when can you mingled around with the past, present Lions and some of those you only seen them on print or on the TV, listening to some of those funny stories during the Uncle Choo's days?


Reception upon arrival at Concorde Shah Alam - our hotel


Imaging the roar of the crowds that will give everyone goosebumps from the angle.

Where the VIPs seat.

At the pitch side... closing up.

The scoreboard... a source of joy and sadness

Behind the goal posts

Where the media work area, it's a long walk to the loo that would made one wobbly...

The fans' tunnel on non-match day.

The hosting team had their training session on the pitch earlier before the visiting team conducted theirs.

SELANGOR's Training Session

S.LEAGUE SELECTION's Training Session

Some basic ball drills and light work-outs for both sides on the eve of the match day.


At the media work area, using my MSI WIND mini :P

Before the Kick-Off

The lining up of the veterans

HRH Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah of Selangor graced the occasion.

The heroes of the yesteryears in action.

Some parachutist performance prior to the marquee event.

The Marquee match - Selangor Selection vs S.League Selection

Veterans' skipper Terry Pathmanathan lifted the veterans' trophy.

Selangor's skipper Shukor Adan lifted the SOS Cup.

A bit more pictures...

a shot of me with the Klang Valley supporters as the background.

The home supporters...

The fans from Singapore also made their presence felt.

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  1. Hey Pohui, nice pics from SOS and great to see you there. Enjoying your blog.


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