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Filed this from Shah Alam

(P.S: This is a milestone for BoLASEPaKO - for being its first overseas blog entry from Shah Alam, capital of Selangor.)

So I packed my bags and headed north to Shah Alam for the annual "Sultan of Selangor Cup" match.

Players, staff gathered and ready for the northern trail

Banners of the "SOS" prominently hung on the hotel lobby

So we were at the 80,000 capacity Shah Alam Stadium, where one of the Singapore's best footballing moments was staged 14 years ago when we captured the Malaysia Cup before calling a quit.

View of the stadium from the main tunnel

Picture of the field from the stand

Selangor coach Dollah Salleh shared his thoughts at the end of his team's training session.

S.League selection conducted their training session after the hosts finished theirs.

More pictures and short write-up upon returning home, stay tuned...


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