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"That" war is not over yet....

While it's a sign of relief to read the news that the wanted man - the former Liaoning Guangyuan team manager Wang Xin is caught in China (as depicted in the screenshot of TODAY's 27th Nov article). How about this guy mentioned below in the archive I screenshot from Google?

Why we have to go through this again?

The league authority would have a lot to answer and convince the large number of dwindling local football supporters over the decision to admit another foreign club into the foray. “Having foreign teams in the league would add colours and help to boast the standard of play in the league.” as what the league authority used to rationale the largely unpopular move, especially among those remnant fans of those “sit-out” clubs like Tanjong Pagar United, Jurong FC and Sembawang Rangers. So when TODAY reported that CSL side Beijing Guoan was named as a potential team to be part of the set-up (as depicted in the screenshot above), the less-than-desirable reaction from those folks out there was more or less came no surprise to me. To back their claim, stats and figures had clearly very clearly that teams from China had yet to prove their worth despite number of promises made at each pre-season media introduction. Dalian Shide Siwu FC used to based in Queenstown Stadium Other than Sinchi FC, whi

[ACTIVITY]13th YES Camp‏ by Geylang United (CLOSED)

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At the 9s Master 2009 [edited]

A mundane weekend saw me head down to Jalan Besar Stadium over the last weekend to catch some veterans footballers in action. It was indeed a low-key affair when most at the grounds were either old school-mates, teammates or family members of the players. While the pace of the game was not what we saw in those S .League matches , where speed and aggression are the keys of the game. Instead, much slower pace football does has its merits as it was much relaxed and less intense since everyone was there to reminisce the good ol ' days. SOME ACTION PHOTOS "In-synch" The KLM team (in stripes) were one of the two foreign teams in action. The players from Old Raffles Association waiting for their turn to play. What a leap in attempt to head the ball from the number 2 player from KLM team. "Watch out for the ball!!" Tussling for possession is necessary. Former Lions R Suriamurthy (37) shows his stuff. A great clearance header from this defender in white. The mid-day he

We did it - Thailand 0-1 Singapore [edited]

And we did it... from the "set-pieces", nice combination of Shaiful and Duric... Just watched the delay telecast of the game on TV. It was indeed a much better performance by the boys, as the commentator had pointed out correctly at the end of the game that Singapore had a game plan and got it well-executed by frustrated the Thais. Nice to see Khairul Amri put up a credible performance after such a long while, and credit must also goes to the whole team for putting behind the last Saturday's defeat to come back with such a convincing victory at the intimidating Rajamangala Stadium. Lastly, I would like to say " No point pin-pointing here and there, just get the job done swiftly!! " (after lurking at some posting on this thread of this popular forum ...)

Who do you think you are?

It's ironically that since that 3-1 defeat to Thailand on Saturday , this blog recorded its biggest viewership since its establishment as it surpassed the previous record set on 20th May 2009 . So as a basic courtesy, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all those folks who had flocked in over the past few days that made it possible to this new record. And it the meantime, active discussions have been taken place since that heart-breaking defeat with many opinions, views, thoughts etc. being shared on and off the line. It's seems to be always the case whenever we suffered any defeat or sort, all kind of brickbats would be thrown at the players or whosoever involved and even when we won or performed credibly the players, at times, would be discredited because "YOU have FTs" or "YOU're just plain LUCKY" etc. I scanned through some of those discussions took place on whatever platforms, you can easily noticed that there's nothing much constructive exce

[Asian Cup Group E Qualifier] SINGAPORE 1-3 THAILAND

SHORT SCRIBE OF THE GAME The first thing you noticed at the ground was the heavy security at the stadium. Given the stakes were high and big crowds were expected that the organizers had decided to segregate both groups of fans from one and other. And like most games played in Kallang in the recent years, it would always be the away fans who drummed up the atmosphere (Why are we the passive lot??). Saw this fan dressed up for occasion..hope he had a good business selling those flags . Things got off the worst possible start for the Lions after Noh Alam Shah was judged to handle the ball and Sutee Suksomkit made no error from spot against his old mate Hassan Sunny who dived the wrong way in the 12th minute (interesting fact: all three were playing for Tampines together months ago). Before the KICK-OFF... It was not going according to the Lions' planning as they struggled to make their presence felt as the Thais seems perfectly alright on a surface we thought would be their Achilles&#

When Raddy meets Robbo [Pre-match press conference of Asian Cup Group E Qualifier between Singapore and Thailand, follow by Pre-Match training at JBS]

The setting for the media conference. I was at the pre-match media conference, held at the Amara Hotel at Tanjong Pagar, of the utmost important Asian Cup Qualifier between Singapore and Thailand. Singapore coach Raddy (pictured above) said he's glad with the media turn out today that he felt this must be something good about the game tomorrow. Thailand's coach Bryan Robson (below) this is first time he comes to Singapore in a capacity as a coach and he's looking forward to the game and challenge ahead. At the meantime, the former England skipper gave an update to the media on his team preparation and said,"everything is going well.", but he highlighted a problem many national teams' coaches are facing - the lack of time to prepare the team when some of the overseas-based players "can't stay long enough". Coach Raddy thinks that's not better occasion than Singapore versus Thailand to have the local fans come out in force to give the team the