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An unpolished Gem??

A boy caught my attention recently at the Singapore 9s Master.

So what's your verdict? I still believe we have so many untapped talents waiting to be discovered.

Don't let this example slip away....


  1. Good strong legs ... Needs to be polished ...

    Singapore has loads of talents but the polishing work sucks ...

    Hey! We used to produce European-based players!!!!!

  2. Hi "addymuliady",

    There bound to be flaws in everything.

    Budding talents are aplenty out there, but how we gonna keep them and nurtured them to a better player is the huge task ahead.

    We have been talking about revamp the youth developing system of the game all this while, howeever, are we heading towards the right direction? or are we simply impatient to wait for the harvest?

    Perhaps, the upcoming SEA Games could tell us a few thing or two about the upcoming generation of the youth footballers that gone through that "system".

  3. Pohui, need to see more. Does he possess the basic techniques? Any special physical attributes? Mentally is he determined to keep improving himself? Why aim for Shaiful Esah when you can be Shunsuke Nakamura? Anyway good video- we need as many talent scouts as we possibly can.

  4. About the "system", i believe we are still junk on that regard. Forget about asian level, in asean we are behind thailand, vietnam, myanmar, malaysia(gasp) and at par with indonesia and Laos(double gasp). I was really disappointed with the performance of our team during the AYG- i expect more considering they train everyday and have the best youth coaches in singapore. The problem, i believe, lies in the fact that our youths are not properly trained at pri school level (age 6-12). We need quality coaches at that level and not some PE teacher who is unqualified to do that job. Clubs too need to create an u-8, u-10, u-12, u-14 COEs.

  5. Lol pohui. Dat kid i thk i saw him playyin JSSL arsenal prem league. Talent can be start 2 b spotted there but most parents refrain them from goin further. They can play for fun but nt competitive.

  6. Hi "monster",

    The reason why I mentioned Shaiful is because I want to have him compare with a local player, of course it'll be great if him turn out to be someone better.

    And I do agree with that some of "PE teachers" are not qualified physical instructors in school (like my pri. sch days, I still recalled one of my lady form teachers doubled-up as one!)

    Hi "Taufiq",

    That's one of stumbling blocks we facing - to convince the parents there's future and their kids future are well-taken after their playing days are over


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