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That's the ONLY word that came to my mind when I recounted the whole event that lead up to the World Cup Qualifier fixture on the 28th October 2007. Much to dismay of some fans who felt being taken for a ride after it was made known that the National Stadium will be re-opened for this fixture, when it was already declared "CLOSED" on the 30th June 2007. Nevertheless, the no-show by the Palestinians today, somehow or rather added a bit of that mysterious flavour onto the whole event. Founded out from the Palestinians' FA website that the players and officials having some problems clearing the security procedure at the "Gate" (Don't get the wrong idea.. I don't read Arabic but using Google translator, somehow it did provided some sketchy translation into English .) Anyway, before any changes that come along , Harry Kewell (pictured above ) is still be remembered as the last person to score a goal at Kallang (if he bothers..).


Here's this very first attempt to be a comic artist.. actually, it's a comic strip generator from Stripgenerator ( ). Still in the process of learning the ropes by tried out the abovementioned strip. It's about two guys having a chat over the re-opening of the "to-be-demolished" National Stadium on the 28th Oct fixture against the Palestinians. This act somehow opening up another question - Where is the Singapore Cup Final to be staged? Since the tender for the Sports Hub is still going on.. Anybody guess, I guess? (P.s: Click on the comic strip to bring you to a larger resolution.)

Match Day Ritual (Jalan Besar)

This is the "replacement" version of the same named article which I deleted by mistake. It's about the short write-up on what to expect around Jalan Besar Stadium on a matchday, when you still have some time to spare before the start of the game. Some of the Pictures took Sungei Road aka Thieves' Market, when bargain hunters gathered to hunt for some hidden treasures in the pile. As you can, Jalan Besar is the hardware emporium of this island, thus you will find any fancy shopping centers within the walking distance (unless, you don't mind Sungei Road) This sign put up by the National Heritage Board provided a detailed write-up of the history of the game's headquarters in Singapore. ..Although, sometime you wonder if there's all that necessary to have a swimming pool just beside a stadium like everywhere in Singapore?

Videocast: A "Closed Door" Event??

Was only aware of this AFC U16 qualifiers when a guy drop me a comment on one of the blog entries to enquire TV schedule of it.. (Thanks Barry :D) Was aware that today is the last day of the qualifiers, I decided to head down to Jalan Besar for a double-header. 5pm - East Timor vs Australia 7pm - DPRK vs Malaysia Much to my astonish.. the Timorese squad did not turn up for the qualifiers at all, so the 5pm game was scrapped!! (@#*&!!...) Anyway, hang around Jalan Besar area to kill my time before went back to the ground. Match pictures... (Above) Both teams having their warming up prior the start of the game, I would say the Koreans were more well-organized in their work outs. (Above) as the match went on.. it's not hard to tell which is the better of the two, as the Koreans were well-drilled in all aspects with the striped army struggled to keep pace.. (Above) Wondering how these guys got hold of the news that the game was scheduled on a lazy Sunday.. anyway, free admission.

Cup game is so different....

There's always a tendency that Cup game is a much intensive affair as compared to league games. No, no... don't get me wrong but it just that because of the "knock out" factor that Cup games offered, that we tend to see more passionate pace and aggressive games in Singapore Cup than in the league fixture (where promote/relegation is a long wait to go) I guess. (Picture above: Woodlands coach Jorg Steinnebrunner spoke to the media after the fiery Singapore Cup semi-final (first-leg) fixture against SAFFC.) Of course, luck do play a part too in such games as in many cases (but not all), we can't help but felt sorry for the guys who played well but just couldn't make it to the next stage of the competition. (Picture above: Dejected Bangkok University players in their post-match warming down session, they fared well against the defending Cup holders Tampines Rovers in the second-leg of the semi-final but was knocked out the tournament.)

Remember Him??

Was aimlessly surfing around when I saw an "old friend" of Singapore football - one of our former national coaches - Douglas Moore . Dougie is currently working as a head coach in one of the colleges (i.e:"Lock Haven University") in the States. Here's a link to his current profile , which included these lines: "Prior to his appointment at Lock Haven, Moore was the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the Singapore Professional Football League. He served as the national coach of Singapore, leading the team to unprecedented success including the national team’s first ever Malaysia Cup victory in 1994 " What a horrible mistake! Hope it was not Dougie who told those guys about that misleading fact.

IT - the way

In my private email to a group of friends not long ago, regarding the setting up of the trial Singapore football forum at the mass-appealing HWZ . I told them we cannot depend entirely on the mainstream media to publicize the S.League. It is certainly hard to face the fact that mainstream media are not doing much to raise the awareness of the local game, as much we would like them to like in the old days. A picture (below) here should more or less tell the story. A small obscured space on the papers Given such a small slot on the back pages and featured under the appropriately named as "Soccer Shorts", it hardly raised the eyebrows of any readers. Although, we can gather some S.League info from the likes of "TODAY" , "Shin Ming Daily News" 's Tuesday edition (one of the two SPH Chinese evening papers) and etc., still, I felt a large part of the folks out there are still ignorant of the league because of the lack of participation from the rest. Prepare