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End of Saga

The Good Times - Singtel League Cup winners 2007 The saga began... The punters' complaints Blasted by the media as well... The verdict The aftermath - inputs from all quarters A fine of $30,000 in total... Ok, end of the story full stop Just to say that it's pretty odd to react in this manner when you still had 30 minutes to rescue the game. By walking out of it, totally made no sense and gave an impression of "giving up too easily". What a letdown.. :(

西游记 (Journey to the west)

Prelude : "Ok, ok... Let's just say if I'm resident staying in western part of the island, I'll find it FAR too , to travel to Toa Payoh, if the national team choose to play in the central region... Fair?" So, Jurong West here I come... Fear the idea of getting stuck in the train jam, so I thought it was a safer option to book a cab (oh well, sometime you really need to spend to avoid any mishap.) Hmm... Your typical SSC stadium, which is not always football priority. The MRT viaducts (or commonly called "tracks") should serve as a good marker, if you intend to make your way to and fro Boon Lay MRT station. (P.S: the tracks are meant for the Boon Lay line extension, which scheduled to be ready in a year time) Both teams warming up for the fixture.... Crowds were streaming in slowly... The cameras getting ready...The handshakes prior the start, after the national anthems played. The western folks certainly appreciated what they saw (at least we drew again

Why should I??

"Come back to Liverpool, leh !" he said. "Not in the near future or never at all..." I said as I bid farewell to a new friend who I met at a pub near Suntec City. (Picture)The pub's plasma was showing the live telecast of an EPL match between Liverpool and Derby County. This new friend is a Liverpool supporter, while yours truly USED TO be an Anfield faithful. "Used to be" in a sense that I am not longer have that "feel" or "attachment" towards the most successful English football club since early 90s'. It was an awakening call when I realized what the Reds mean to me? - NOTHING... Nothing at all... They don't actually know who we are, where we are from, but when to pay rise we "contribute generously" to them via the high cable TV subscription charges we need to fork out every month. Bah! As I recalled months back the cable operator was going to increase the sports channel subscription that I wasted no time and run

I am not a marketing man (Part 2)

(Sorry for the slight delay....) As mentioned in the previous entry , it's up to the players and the clubs' administrators to build up from where, if they are to elevate to by those marketing stunts. Having missed out on two previous occasions (i.e.: (1) the launch of the league in 1996 and (2) the start of the legalized betting) that saw the surge in attendance, we must not let the third to slip through our fingers, if there's even going to be a third miracle. I can't advise on how the players to improve their plays and skills as I'm not qualified, neither how to run the clubs as I thought there are qualified managing gurus. Having observed the way things handled after a decade, I thought I should input some of my "unproven" ideas to alter how the things should run. Some ideas to share Isn't a waste to have those unoccupied seats at the enclosed area during the matches (above)? To this day, only holders to the relevant passes or invited guests are al

Match Day Ritual (Bishan)

I think it is a fun idea to detail what we, football fans in Singapore, would normally do before heading to the ground. Maybe, here's a try at Bishan, right across where I lived. (Picture above the description.) First and foremost, meet up with your friends at the Bishan MRT station. If you guys think it is still too early to be part of the white elephant, "Junction 8" is always a good choice to hang around, settle your "makan" at one of the many eating outlers inside this shopping mall. If you think the price is not right at the mall's eating outlets. The coffeeshop, right above the bus interchange, would offer you guys a better option. Still too early for you guys? The newly-opened library is just next door (but warning to you all - it's pretty noisy at times despite being a library!!) But the sunse, it's time to head to the stadium via this slope... Aren't you guys relieved that you filled up your stomach by then? So as to avoid those blan