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Why should I??

"Come back to Liverpool, leh!" he said.

"Not in the near future or never at all..." I said as I bid farewell to a new friend who I met at a pub near Suntec City.

(Picture)The pub's plasma was showing the live telecast of an EPL match between Liverpool and Derby County.

This new friend is a Liverpool supporter, while yours truly USED TO be an Anfield faithful.

"Used to be" in a sense that I am not longer have that "feel" or "attachment" towards the most successful English football club since early 90s'.

It was an awakening call when I realized what the Reds mean to me? - NOTHING...

Nothing at all... They don't actually know who we are, where we are from, but when to pay rise we "contribute generously" to them via the high cable TV subscription charges we need to fork out every month.

Bah! As I recalled months back the cable operator was going to increase the sports channel subscription that I wasted no time and rung up to cancel with immediate effect.

Simply the fact that I had enough! Why subject ourselves being skinned by these already wealthy folks?

On the same day, just few hours prior to the pub session, I was at the Nike outlet inside Marina Square.

"Do you sell THE NATIONAL TEAM jersey?" I asked.

"WHICH national team?" the puzzled sales person replied.

"Singapore one lah!" I said.

"Sorry sir, we don't have it here." confirmed the sales person.

Pretty disappointed as it seems we still have folks regard England as their "national" team despite being a sovereign state for 42 years.

The government must be sad to hear this, as it could have signal the failure of the "NATIONAL EDUCATION" policy?? (hope I don't sound serious)


  1. Personally I am a Man United fan...and trust me...the last time round when Man United came to Singapore I was all for the National Team...Honestly I feel if we Singaporeans do not support our own boys who do you think will support them? Unlike a club team whereby there are millions of supporters all over the world..a National team can only get support from their own citizens.
    My point is we can continue to support whichever club we fancy but there should not be any higher support than those rightfully be given to our own National or lose we should stick with them cos the boys are gunning for national pride and glory!

  2. Hi "Citizen Soldier",

    I agree with you for what you mentioned...

    Unfortunately, the challenge for the national team and the S.League is to prove to those skeptics out there's a league called "S.League" and a team called "Singapore National Team".

    Frankly, I have enough of those discussions on whether local-born or naturalized citizens should represent the national team.

    The point is so long, you hold a pink IC and red passport - "Kita tak lain", it's a matter of accept and assimilating these naturalized who must also not "jump the ship once mission completed." (as this mission never ends)

    Thanks for your comments :)


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